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The slaughter of the innocence, the Tree Lords

Updated on April 24, 2016

Trees that were so Gentle, to be slaughtered as pets

That trees were the most expensive whores on the planet, and I used the internet to save them, then damned for using it. I was wondering how to love the tree and then see that they were used and whored by educators, schools and I could not even volunteer at my daughters school, they whored them for chairs and desks and pencils, I was damned for the internet, for writing on it. Sharing freely and without, I will never publish a book in tree form, they were such majestic forests before they got used as whore reading material for lust of information and knowledge. I spoke to a deciduous brother and a conifer, they agreed they laid their branches for books and life of educators too long, they deserved some thanks.

Where is the relationship? I am not sure, maybe once. It is just a question, if you publish think Hemp? Or the internet?


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