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The song of a bird

Updated on May 28, 2014

As long as there is a song, I will sing,

As long a river flows, from to back to the ocean I will go with life,

When the world is run dry of faith, I will look for it for it, find it, and cling to its wings,

The walk, run, or swim in this life, you choose to as a method of travel, lets do it together,

Lets sing a song to each other , as a sign of hope,

Whether its in bad weather, or the day is sunny and better lets move together,

We will soar in this life, stopping at every moment for thanks, and flying to the next slope,

I have a piece of love and peace, share it with me, while we listen to the song of a bird.

Dedicated to Maya Angelou, fly home to heaven.


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