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The sounds you like the most

Updated on December 11, 2016

Write about the sounds you like and why they mean so much to you.

Sounds are vibrations that travel through air or another medium and are detected by the ear. Sounds provide information to us, and because of that information, we respond differently to different sounds. For example, the sound of a car honking would cause us to feel panic and look around frantically for incoming cars, the sound of a kettle whistling would remind us that the water has boiled, and the sound of upbeat music would make us feel energetic and happy. In everyday life, there are beautiful sounds that I like.

One of the sounds I like is the tinkling sound emitted from the bell of an ice-cream seller. The familiar tinkling of the ice-cream bell brings joy to many people and is often a delight to young children. As a child, I was nicknamed ‘the Glutton’, famous for my insatiable appetite as I was frequently seen consuming large amounts of food despite my scrawny build. Ice-cream was one of my favourite snacks, one which served to satisfy my sweet tooth. Whenever I heard an ice-cream bell, I would desperately plead with my parents for some spare change to purchase an ice-cream, before bolting towards the ice-cream stall at a dangerously high speed. The children already queuing there would chatter away happily about their favourite ice-cream flavours, while I would eagerly join in the chit-chat, boasting proudly that strawberry flavour was the best. Now, when I hear the tinkling of the bell of the ice-cream seller, I would ponder back upon the childhood memories that were filled with joy and laughter. However, as an adult, I have to exert some amount of self-control as ice-cream contains high amount of sugar and is unhealthy when consumed in large amounts.

Another one of my favourite sounds is the sound of music. There are two types of music that I enjoy in particular. Firstly, I would listen to accoustic music before I go to sleep as it helps me to relax. This type of soothing and gentle music seems to drain away all my worries and burdens of the day and allows me to take a breather from my hectic lifestyle as a student. At the same time, I would admire the intricate tunes produced by the various instruments used in the song, fused together at precise timings to form a melodious piece. The second type of music I enjoy is upbeat music. I listen to it when I am jogging because it makes me feel enthusiastic. I would pace myself to the beat of the music and let the motivational lyrics of the song encourage me to finish my run.

I also enjoy the sound of waves rolling onto the shore. When there is hardly any breeze, the waves lapping on the beach are gentle, like bubbles fizzing ever so gently. On the other hand, in the presence of strong winds, the sweeping green walls of water crash violently onto the shoreline, creating a thunderous ‘WHOOSH!’. One of my favourite things to do is to sit by the beach with a cup of iced tea, a good book and relax by listening to the sound of the incoming waves splashing onto the shore.

In conclusion, I believe that our ability to hear sounds is a precious gift. We should remember to pause and take a moment to simply listen to the sounds around us, such as the twittering of birds and the laughter of happy children.




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