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The Supermarket Shelf

Updated on February 11, 2017


Sitting on the supermarket shelf, with no one wanting me. All I see is people strolling past me with their children buying everything but me. No one understands what it is like to be unwanted, unneeded. I know that feeling all too well. Sitting on the top of the shelf of a supermarket, looking down on everyone, can be funny sometimes. One time I saw this little girl named Olivia dancing, she wasn’t very good though, she fell over four times. The girl was wearing white jeans with a black butterfly tee-shirt, she was adorable.

Every time I met someone they walked off. All people ever did was pick me up, look at my label, read my ingredients and that was it. It was like no one liked me. I’m not sure if it is the fact my label says yeast extract or my colour. I am a very thick brown substance kind of like treacle. Also, my slogan isn’t that great ‘you either love it or hate it’.

I just stay sitting on this old rusty shelf all day, I’m slowly beginning to feel ancient. Unless some customer picks me up and move me. Every time I look down all I see is a dirty, grubby floor. Being here feel like a prison, I am trapped. There Is no way out, but that is probably because I can’t walk. I wonder if anyone will ever buy me. Imagine if you will, having no one need you, want you, well that is my life for you.

All I ever want to do is cry, why did no one like me? I don’t understand what I’ve done but no one does when they are in these types of situations.

When the store closes at night, all I do is write this. This book is the way I express my feelings. Some people think it’s weird but I don’t care.

A week later…

I am still sat waiting for someone to pick me and decide to buy me. My expiry date is getting closer and closer, if someone doesn’t buy me I will be thrown away in the trash because no one cares about me or my feelings. Oh wait, I swear I can hear someone talking about yeast extract, I hope this isn’t my imagination, I’d better keep it together and get ready. Wait, they are here, they want me.

Unexpectedly, I was snatched off the shelf and carelessly thrown into the shopping cart, I was shocked. I thought I was being bought, this is a miracle. Being pushed around the supermarket cart is amazing. I never realised milk was at the end of my aisle. I’ve never seen the floor so shiny and pristine. Everything looked so elegant and tidy. I can’t believe I’ve never travelled past my own aisle before. This is the greatest experience of my life. I don’t know why I have never done this before.

I was still sat in the supermarket cart heading to the checkout. ‘this is a dream come true’ I whispered to myself so no one else heard. The checkout was gradually getting closer. The anticipation was slowly getting to me. I could barely contain myself any longer.

Getting grabbed and flung onto the checkout till has never been so pleasant. I heard the lady say to her daughter “I hope this is under £40 that’s all I have in cash”. I suddenly felt my face drop, what if I was over £40? Will I be put back? I did cost £4.50; I was the large 500-gram jar. The most expensive thing in the cart. What was going to happen to me?

The checkout operator grasped me. The sound was a sound I had never heard before. BEEP. That was it I was officially being bought. The till was so clean, I felt like I was some sort of celebrity. That will be…


Please tell me that was a dream, it was over £40? I heard the woman say I only have £40, can I get rid of… “of course you can” the polite supermarket operator said cheerfully.

Sitting on the supermarket shelf, with no one wanting me. All I see is people walking past me with their children buying everything but me. No one understands what it is like to be unwanted, unneeded. I know that feeling all too well.


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