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The supreme one

Updated on May 31, 2013

The Supreme One

He is my saviour, My resurrector

The all-knowing, the best-doing

The Benevolent, The Guide, The Light

I pity myself, as I grieve over my falls

For He plans best

Only carves the path, most beneficial for me and blocks the rest

I pity my fickle mind for allowing a doubt to seep through, in a weak stance

I am a mere dust ball

Sculptured and nurtured by The Artist

Unbeknown to the consequences of my desires

What I had yearned for, was not of my best interest

There is a time and place set for every flame to light

I pity my restless heart for concluding the film at the interval

Not waiting for the curtains to fall

I pity my stumbling heart for losing hope

Believing my prays went unanswered

Believing I was not loved

But I was loved, greatly loved

Patience is embraced in the heart, the soul

Not found on a train station or in a waiting room

It is not a ride but a journey

Not a phase but a life style

Joy is, loving in despair

Working unrecognised

Suffering stoically

Believing blindly

It is the hidden-truth, I bow to

The light I am too weak for, will guide me to the exalted levels

As I gather my defeated remains, close my blind eyes and open my pure heart

I see fireworks, a flickering light, a tingling sensation

I feel energised and whole

Sensing some communication;

I am being heard and responded to

My tear ducts wuther

I glow

I pity my once fickle heart, for losing hope

For day breaks after the darkest hour of the night

Grapes turn raisins under The Light

Defeat is not my destiny

I am a phlegmatic warrior, on a phoenix

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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Beautiful poetry with a heart in the right direction. Salaam!