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The power game

Updated on December 26, 2011


The congregations processed earnestly down the aisle to receive communion. Rv. Borislav watched with pride as he recalled the hardship it took him to make the church what it was in terms of popularity. Being of Russian decent, he had had serious troubles get land permits and working towards the creation of the church. However, his efforts have definitely not in vain. With over 5 thousand parishioners, he had undeniably accomplished his long life dream, and of course, this was all possible through the special grace of God. Both the finances and connections he had required were all gotten through God’s intervention. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by rumbling, which seemed to be coming from the back of the church. Borislav turned his gaze towards that area and watched as a stranger struggled to get to the front of the church. The stranger was oddly dressed wearing an almost worn out black suit with loafers. He was also a piece of turn clothing with his right hand. When he had managed to get to the front of the church, he fell at Borislav’s feet as though he was worshipping Borislav. Borislav picked him up and looked into his eyes. “Простименя, отец” father forgive me. Even though the Russian this stranger spoke was quite diluted, what surprised Borislav was the fact this stranger, who was, definitely knew to this church, came to confess his sin to Borislav. “то, что вы сделали моего ребенка” whatyouhavedonemychild. “Я просто посыльному, отец. Я здесь для того, чтобы исполнить Мои роли” Iamjustthemessenger, father. I am here to fulfill my role. Borislav gave him a confused look “янепонимаю, какиероли?” I do not understand, what role? In Borislav’s 9 years of being a priest, he had never exhibited so much fear. His trepidation did not go unnoticed by the congregation who were watching the scene unfold. “Кто отправил вам?” Whosentyou? “Прости меня, отец” fatherforgiveme. . “КТО ОТПРАВИЛ ВАМ?” WHO SENT YOU? Borislav repeated, yelling this time. The congregation who had been watching the scene unfolded gasped at the manner of Borislav outburst. Without warning, the stranger ripped his shirt open to reveal a strange marking. Borislav analyzed the eye of the devil, which had been imprinted on the chest of the stranger with the help of a red hot metal. At that moment, he finally understood what was going on. He had expected this a long time ago but what puzzled him even now was how it was all going to truly end. Surely, only he would go and the innocent shall be spared. The stranger moved towards him, holding a piece of cloth, and the same time concealing the knife, he held under it. Borislav could almost perceive the stranger’s breath as he whispered into Borislav’s ear “Каждыйчеловекдолженподвергатьсядлявас, № свидетеляживетсегодня”

everyone shall suffer for you, no witness lives today .The knife dug into Borislav’s skin easily as it would have gone through. Borislav leaned forward onto the stranger’s shoulder. Even as he was slowly dying, he could help to feel something ticking inside the body of the stranger “Каждыйчеловекдолженподвергатьсядлявас, № свидетеляживетсегодня” everyone shall suffer for you, no witness lives today. The explosion that followed sent shock waves through the church before it burst into flames. The man behind the shadow watched as the church was blown into pieces. He retrieved a phone from his pocket and dialed a number. “Mission accomplished. Time to move to the next level” he threw the phone into a waste bin before walking away from the scene.


Combs watched from the altar where he knelt as the line consisting of people waiting for confession cleared out, before making his move. To his relief, the church was finally empty except for the priest who was still in the confession booth. He performed the sign of the cross and began to rise when he suddenly perceived the smell of a strong drink. Intriguingly, he picked the chalice, which had something in it already, from the altar and sniffed it: the liquid inside smelt of vodka. Hmm, Combs thought, this explained a lot. Replacing the cup, he moved towards the confession booth just as the priest was about to leave. “Yes my son, may I help you?”Rev. Pierre had been in charge of the church after he was elected about 9 years ago, or at least that was what his record showed. He was the first ever French to be elected and he won his favor through the great commitment he showed towards getting parishioners from outside the country. His past evangelist works had made this easy for him actually and the parishioners believed he was the right man for the job. “Son, may I help you? You look like you are new here. I believed I have not seen you here before “, Rev Pierre repeated.”Yes father”, Combs finally said,” I am new here and I believe I need your help. A late confession actually. I would just use 10 minutes of your time”. Rv Pierre glanced around uneasily “as you can see, I am done for the day, so you need to make it quick ““I understand and thank you for your time”. They moved into the confession booth and took their seats. “So father, does a man as good as yourself truly have the right to play God? “ Rv Pierre turned to Combs, looking puzzled “I do not follow” “do you have the power kill people no matter the cause?” Pierre never turned his gaze from Combs “I still do not follow. I thought this was meant to be a confession”. “3 days ago, a girl’s body was found close to a sewer not far from here. Her heart and liver were missing”, Combs slid the picture he was holding to Pierre from under the barrier that separated the two of them. “You see, that is the 8th victim found this week in the same condition. We found out, over the course of time, that the person who did this was the same person that carried out the other murders. We drew out this out this conclusion from fact that the same things were taken out of the bodies even though the bodies were found at different. The killer was found to be left handed and to be learned in art of surgery. Like the others, the organs were probably soaked in vodka after they were removed to avoid infection. This was shown by the traces of vodka found around the areas the organs were removed in the body. That also showed that the killer used vodka as a form of local anesthetic before performing the surgery to wash his hands and soak his equipment. Over the month, we got wind of a network that specialized in the unauthorized sales of body organs to rich customers who have damaged theirs’ from illnesses. They disguised themselves as a medical unit with forged documents of authorization.” Pierre handed the photographs back to Combs “I still don’t understand why you are telling me all these. You said you came here for confession”. Combs coughed gently and sighed, “When the body of this victim was examined there were things we found that were not present in the others or maybe there were present but we didn’t really look into them. We found traces of galbanum, ladanium and styrax at enclosed parts of the body, and as I am sure, you know those are compounds used in the preparation of incense. From the minute amount we found, we drew the conclusion that the compounds were not placed there deliberately but were settled there due to long period of exposure to incense” Combs paused and went through his mental notes. No need for all these interminable statements, he had to nail this guy. Pierre, who had been silent throughout, turned to Combs “wait, let me get this straight, are you accusing me? Because if you are Mr.…” “The name is Combs and it is ‘Detective’” “…Detective Combs, you would have a serious law suit in your hands” “you see father; unfortunately for you all evidences seem to be pointing directly at you. According to your records, which the parishioners in this church do not know about of course, you spend a considerable amount of time working in the army as a medical doctor before you were later discharged for consistent negligence of duty. In addition, do you remember a certain Thomas who left your service about two weeks ago? According to our reports, you tried to have him killed and unfortunately for you, he panicked and decided to he blow your cover. The vodka in the chalice proves that you were about to murder a 9th victim but got interrupted by something; probably the confession service.” For the first throughout the conversation, Rv Pierre forced a smile. ”Took you long enough, but what I don’t understand was why the whole…chitchat and meeting was necessary; you would have gone swooped in here and caught me.”. “To be honest with you, that was initially plan but I wanted you to know who nailed you and nailed you hard. Therefore, Father Pierre, you are under arrest for the murder of 8th people and the attempted murder of a 9th”. Combs reached into his pocket and got handcuffs out. To Combs’ surprise, Pierre laughed whole-heartedly about what Combs had just said. “You know detective, it is one thing to sit with a priest in a confession booth and tell him he is under arrest for something he had clearly done. Moreover, it is another thing for him for you to actually get hold of him. Simply put, I am not under arrest yet because you have gotten hold of me yet. “. At that moment, the door in front of Combs suddenly opened and two monks appeared in front of him; one of them was holding a butcher’s knife, with blood dripping from it while the other was holding the chalice. Pierre stood up and walked out of the booth. Out of instinct, Combs lunged forward out of instinct but the monks restrained him. ”you see detective; I have gotten markedly much from this for you to come and blow it all off. It would be better for you to have stormed this place with detectives instead of this private engagement. Nevertheless, I would like to admit that I am quite impressed with job you did. If you ask me, I would say your abilities exceed that of a detective.” Pierre turned around and began to walk away. “Oh yeah”, he recalled without ado “About your question, I am not playing God; it is just business. So if you would please excuse me, I …” “you forgot something”, Combs reminded him without making eye contact. ”what?” ”my ten minutes are up”. Without prior notice, Pierre slapped his neck as though something had stung there. In what seemed like less than a second, Pierre pulled out a dart, focused his gaze at Combs, before falling to the ground. A dart gun had carefully planted at the top window of the church, with a band around the trigger. The band continued stretching with a timer attached to it and at exactly 10 minutes, the band snapped; pulling the trigger in the process. In confusion, the monk with the knife lunged forward with knife sticking towards Combs. Combs slammed the cuffs into the knife before sending his fist to the area just below the nose. Full impact damage to the Philtrum; severe pain. The other monk sent his right fist flying towards Combs in rage. Combs caught the fist in mid air, pulled the chalice out of his hand before splashing the content at his eyes. Burning creating inflammation on the eyes and scarring of the cornea and sclera. This was also by his elbow, which he sent to his temple. Light impact to the temple; severe pain. The other monk instinctively swung his arm at Combs who bent over before sending slamming his palm into the center of the monk’s abdomen. Straight heavy impact to the center abdomen; partial impairment of the body. The monk charged irritably at Combs who caught him square at the groin. Full weight to the groin; total impairment of the body, fatal damage inexorable. The monk fell heavily to the ground, lifeless. To Combs bewilderment, the other monk had recovered and was moving fast towards him with the butcher’s knife. Acting fast, Combs stretched his hand forward to stop the knife. It dug shallowly into his hand, slightly cracking one of his bones. He screamed, clutching that hand. The monk attempted again, swinging the knife this time. Combs bent forward as the knife nearly grazed his head. He sent his fist straight to his shin; partial collision, severe pain. The knife was swung again with fury but Combs sent his elbow to upper knee edge; full impact, temporary paralysis. Before the monk could hit the ground, Combs sent his fist the lower end of sternum; total damage, fatality inevitable. The monk landed stone dead to the ground. Combs ripped out a piece from his shirt and wrapped it around his broken hand. He pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke rapidly into it. “The target has been secured; get a medic team here immediately. I believe there is a 9th murder in progress, so I am going immediately” “wait for the unit; you don’t know the security situation…” Combs switched off the walkie-talkie before replacing it. However, he had a problem about getting the victim in time. As if to answer the question, he heard someone scream out loudly and then, silence. What the hell! He pulled out his gun and went towards the direction of the sound. Wait for back up, Combs thought, how exactly do they expect me to that. The passage he went through led to only one door. He loaded his gun before pressing his right ear again the door. He was not really expecting to come out of it, so he was not very disappointed when he heard nothing. “Oh well”, he said to himself “I am going in blindly”. He could not risk turning the knob to check if it the door was open as this might alert anyone at the other side, so he just jammed the door open. With a quick instinct and focus, he had his gun pointed at a doctor cutting a girl open.” I would not want to that if I were you”. To his surprise, the doctor did not bulge and continued cutting the body. “I said …” “I heard you the first time”. The doctor stopped cutting, picked up a piece of clothing and cleaned his hands with it. As all these events unfolded, Combs noticed that the doctor showed no epitome of fear. “Do not try anything stupid or else…” “Or else what! we both know that you would gain nothing in killing me so you plan on taking me in, extracting any piece of information you can from me and then locking me up” “ do not flatter yourself, we have the priest…” “He is my second-in-command so I guarantee you that you would get close nothing from him. I am Pierre; I am the man you are looking for. You see, I am paranoid enough to do my own works; to get my hands dirty. So I am the one you need; I am the one that give you about the union .That being said, you are definitely not taking me in.” he reached into his inner pocket but out instinct Combs pulled the trigger twice. The first bullet went through the hand in the coat and the second grazed his neck. The doctor pulled out a card, gazed at Combs before falling to the ground. “Son of a bitch” Combs ran to Pierre and knelt beside him.” No vital organ was hit but…” “…I would bleed to death if the med is not here in time. Just as I said earlier, I am not going to prison so thank you for making that possible.” Son of a bitch, Combs thought again, “we just need to apply pressure to the wound till the meds get here.” “The meds? You know I do not you recall you calling them since you shot me”...


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