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The tools of God

Updated on January 14, 2011

The tools of God

“I have a normal life”, these thoughts were in my mind when the unthinkable happened with me. I didn't know where I am and what I am. I was on earth. It looked like it's dusk, but the people were standing still like they were frozen in time. Only one yellow cat moved freely. Than I saw that my body was different and the clothes on me weren't mine. A knee length frock-coat and chain's. The chain's didn't have any weight but they where attached to me and my coat. I could see through my body and it wasn't solid. My hands, fingers and legs are longer like I am some alien. Than the yellow cat stopped and stared right at me, but it didn't see through me, I had the feeling that it stares at my soul. Then I heard naked foot steps on the solid wall and I picked up my eyes from the cat and looked in the direction where the sound came from. He walked on the wall like there was no gravity. He had the same coat and chain's like me and his body was stretched like mine but his hair was golden and his eyes were blue. The differences between us were the hair, the eye color and that I wasn't barefooted, I had boot's on my feet. What started to scare me was that the guy on the wall was familiar to me. Then I heard a voice in my head saying:

“Hey its the death's son!”

I just stared at the golden haired guy on the wall and I couldn't form words in my mouth. Then the golden haired guy jumped from the wall to the middle of the street and smiled. I started to mumble something like:

“Who said that?”

Yellow cat: “Don't look at him, it was me who spoke! The cat!”

Me: “You can talk in my head?”

Yellow cat: “Yes I can talk, but just in your head, because I don't have any vocal cords for human language.”

Me: “But you are a cat. How can you talk?”

Yellow cat: “Oh, here we go again. My job is to watch over the two worlds and as you may notice I can talk here.”

Me: “But who is the guy? Why is he not talking? … Watch over the two worlds??? What do u mean by that?”

Yellow cat: “Oh brother, slow down, you will get a heart attack.”

Then the cat started laughing in my head, but the golden haired guy didn't make any movement or any mimics. He just stared at me and smiled. I can't understand anything here. What is happening with me and why am I talking with a cat?! Then I knelt down and put my hands on my head, like I would hide from them. But the laughter got louder and louder in my head.

Me: “Why are you laughing? Please stop.”

Yellow cat: “Sorry but I can't stop laughing at my good joke. You are the son of death and you can't have a heart attack. You can't die.”

And he started laughing again. It was so annoying, that I would rather stopped him somehow. I lowered my hands, looked at the yellow cat and in my anger and confusion said:

“Why do you say that I'm the son of death?”

Yellow cat: “You are the son of death and you have to learn everything that death does. I can't tell nothing more. In time you will find out by yourself.”

Me: “I have to collect the souls?”

Yellow cat: “No, you have to save the souls. This guy will help you and teach you how to save the souls.”

Me: “Who or what is this guy and why isn't he talking?”

Yellow cat: “Humans call them angels and they don't have self consciousness. They are the tools of god.”

Me: “He is familiar to me, but I cant tell why.”

Yellow cat: “Yes you know all the angels, because you are the new form of death and the soul of death is in your body. Now stop these questions and follow that angel.”

Then the golden haired guy reached out his hand to me and started talking:

“Come with me.”

I followed him and in the blink of an eye we were on the beach. I looked around for the cat and it wasn't there with us. It was a relief that the annoying cat wasn't there and I felt good with this so-called angel. He doesn't speak to much but when hi is close to me it gives me a very calm feeling.

Angel: “We will meet here while you are learning how to save a soul. The others will also help you.”

Me: “What do you mean by, we will meet here?”

Angel: “You can't stay here between the worlds for now, because you have a body and it must get back to its world. We will come for you until you learn how to travel between the worlds. You can ask the cat to help you...”

Me: “I will wait for you!”

The angel started smiling when I interrupted him in talking, but I don't want to see that cat again.

Angel: “See you later.”

I saw a big flash and found myself in the middle of the street again, but it's daytime now and the time isn't frozen. Then I heard how a car tries to stop, when I turned my head I saw that the car is going right at me. What was I thinking to stand on the middle of the road. As fast I could, I jumped to the side walk to avoid to be hit by the car. The driver was very angry at me and said some things to me. I deserved it. When I managed to put my mind back to this world, I started to think that all what happened to me was just a daydream. Then I saw the yellow cat sitting on the side walk and staring at me. I felt the same annoying staring on me. Then I realized it wasn't a daydream.

Written by me ;)


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