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The trouble with valentines day

Updated on December 7, 2011

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Tommy was my valentine,
Because he was so sweet
He brought me yummy chocolates
And tasty treats to eat.
But then Andrew brought me jewelry,
So I told him I'd be his
I know it's not that fair,
But that's just how life is
So I was Andrew's valentine,
Till I saw Billy Joe
Who said if I'd be his,
He'd give me lots of dough
So my sweetheart was Billy Joe
And Billy Joe was mine
Till Bobby who is cuter
Asked to be my valentine
So Bobby was my boyfriend
Till Peter came along
Who said he wrote me poems
And could sing me a song.
So Peter was my beau
Till we saw that Sally May
She gave up her boy, Eric
And took Peter away.
She didn't even feel bad
It really wasn't kind
You know I really hate those girls
Who can't make up their mind


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    • profile image

      journyman 6 years ago

      Sounds like like most of the women i've known. Lost as a ball in high weeds.

    • brandasaur profile image

      brandasaur 6 years ago from Planet X

      When I read this poem, I hate the girl because she's like a gold digger. If there's someone richer or better than the her current boyfriend, he'll choose the other one that can give her what she needs. So when I read the part of Sally May and took Peter from her, i never felt so sad for that girl because what she did with the other guys was just the same what Sally did to her.