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Cause I am a soldier

Updated on November 6, 2015

Why? Because i am a soldier

I do not know you but I will fight for your freedom and protect you from all enemies foreign or domestic. Why? Because I am a Soldier

When you’re sleeping peacefully in your beds nice and warm. I and my brother are in the cold dirt trying to get some sleep holding ours guns like our teddy bears ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Why? Because I am a Soldier.

When you’re kissing your children goodnight knowing there safe. I'm over sea's fighting to keep you and your children safe while I'm also thinking of mine. Why? Because I am a Soldier

While you’re having a hard time at work or having a hard time getting things ready for your party and have all your friends come out. Me and my brothers are being shot at and blown up and when we group up in a party to take on the enemy we just pray we all come out alive. Why? Because I am a Soldier.

When you are sick you calling to work to have the day off to relax and get better. I and my brother don't get that when we are sick there is no time to relax and get better there is a war going on and we must win for the people we know and for the people we don't know. Why? Because I am a soldier.

When you come home from work you come home loved and wanted by all. When we come home we get very little love and get called murder and other bad names by all. But I don't know you and you have called me painful names and looked away from me when I needed help from you because my government lied to me and made promises which were lies. And most of us laid down our lives to protect you and you still turn away from helping us. But its OK ill still protect you even if you won’t help me. Why? Because I am a Soldier

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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 2 years ago from southern USA

      Hi Matthew,

      You have certainly relayed what it means to be a soldier here in your poem. There is much sacrifice in a soldier’s life no doubt and I am always grateful to all soldiers who serve to keep the freedoms we enjoy.

      Peace and blessings always