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Aftermath: The true bomb we should all dread.

Updated on February 5, 2016

An atomic second and its aftermath

Atomic warfare seems as tense ever. With both Hiroshima and Nagasaki in our hindsight there is a dread greater than the release of these weapons of mass destruction. It is the ignorance of those left behind moments after a coming rapture. In an atomic second the unblemished Christians will be unclothed with mortality and will don on immortality. Who will be left will be those in blatant rebellion to Christ' forgiveness. Either their knowledge or their ignorance of the next moments in time will decide the fate of them and the billions around the world.

A god will becoming. Someone with miraculous but false powers. A person who will defy death and resurrect before all on earth. Someone who will bring a false peace world-wide. And when it is time for earth's final hours, eternity will lie in the balance for every soul left.

And He, Christ, will weep with us in the outpouring of lost souls into hell. And that is the aftermath. A rake of souls unreached, untaught, rebellious, and all un-forgiven by not receiving forgiveness.

There will be souls from people who refused to be missionaries.

There will be souls from people who ran after money instead of God.

There will be souls from people who ignored God's Word.

There will be souls from people who failed God willingly and unwillingly.

There will be souls from people refusing to preach or take up a call.

There will be blood on nearly all hands.

As every electronic device comes closer entwined, soon a one world currency will require the implant of a chip on the right thumb or forehead. This is prophesy, Revelation 101. According to scripture this will take place after the Anti-Christ claims himself to be god and commands all people to swore allegiance to him or die.

But their allegiance requires their damnation to hell. Every Christian on this earth has the responsibility to reach out to the souls in their world, in their realm of influence and as they are led by Christ.

The pain of one lost soul is shattering to God. Imagine when, God the Father finally sends Christ to gather His Bride, His blemish free church. And imagine when the souls left behind are ignorant to the coming age. Imagine they are without knowledge of the end times. Think about the hundreds of atomic bombs and their repercussions. They would fail to compare to every soul left on earth. The unnumbered amount of lost souls from billions all over the world. Left behind will be one peril. The next happening, will be eternal choices.

It is imperative to educate one's lost loved ones about these times. It is imperative to search the scriptures, to study and carry a healthy knowledge of Bible Prophesy. It is understandable that no one knows the hour of Christ' return. But we are aware of this season we are in. Between Malachi and Matthew was a silence. As now, it seems that movies, books, and world events hint when a God seems otherwise 'away from his office'.

Imagine when

But what can one person do? If one is saved, what of their accountability for their lost loved ones? And to the Christian, what of the passerby? The small connections threaded by the Master's Hand? How will it be to see our Savior face to face in explanation to what happened? What will we say to a weeping King? And what about our last moments when lost loved ones turn to us and see into our eyes just before they step into eternal punishment in hell?

Hell. Billions. Aftermath. Imagine the pain. Imagine God's pain.

In scripture heaven and hell are side by side. As is in the human heart. Where free will resides. And in these choices people either leave or gather those beside them. Time will end. And then when in an atomic second those who He knows are His will be gathered up to Him in the sky. Others, most of humanity unfortunately will be left behind. And though they be loved ones, or associates, though they be passerby's the Lord asked us to touch. It won't matter the amount of remorse, souls lost will be souls lost.

Imagine from this moment the amount of choices all the Bride of Christ turned aside from their King. The little compromises which effect time and others. Imagine how those little sacrifices pain our Father God when we just ignore Him. The evolution of those actions eroding away at a Father in Heaven.


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