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The ugly truth

Updated on November 9, 2014

See what you don't see

If I gave you food for thought, would you eat it?
You'll probably spit it back out, yeah that's how you'll treat it,
Knowledge is power it's needed,
You cant see it but you feel it,
Some seek it, others dream it,
Everyone needs it,
He did, she did and so did I,
Well, my life passed by with a blink of an eye,.
This whole time I was living a lie,
This whole time I was a living disguise.
No one knows what goes inside.
Wanna know what goes inside somebody?
Everyone dreams of being somebody,
So they try and copy some one's body,
That's the case with everybody,
Lined up in Hollywood's lobby,
You were born original so don't die a copy,
Don't be a wannabe ,
With your pant low, cap low,
Chains dangling down low, your nothing but a 50's back bone,
Come back home,
Back in the zone,
Where you spend your days dazing,
spend your nights phrasing,
Calling it amazing but your just wasting your time,
Time ain't a cycle nor a circle, it's a line,
Never comes back around for you to regain your mind,
And there is something I've got to remind you.
Not too many men die fighting,
Not too many men die trying,
Many men sit home crying,
Whining about not achieving their life goals,
you cant score sitting on your ass I suppose,
But what you hold close,
Are the hoes and the doe,
Even though they make you go so outta control,
With this shit you cant even stop, drop and roll,
You made your decision and this is what you chose,
It all ended with a broken nose,
Yeah, well that's how life goes ,
And so we dream a life we wish to live,
We leave the rest for God to give,
But with the time that passes by,
Our every sentence starts with a 'why?'
So when you ask me do I try?
I just smile and say 'do or die'!


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Love it! Voted up.