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The unwanted gift part 1 a hub series

Updated on April 21, 2012

Surprise your it.

Samco was checking out the situation the top secret bunker was empty except for a medium sized box about three feet by three feet. Samcos contact known to him only as agent Bob as if that was his name yea right Samco thought, Bob had explained that the box held a new type of weapon that had to disappear before it was tested.

Agent Bob had explained that if these people were to test the devise they would then be able to sell it to the highest bidder and that could not be allowed. Samco chose his disguise this time it would be a clown with a large red nose bright red hair and white skin the most common kind of clown after all the bunker would have cameras. He did not know or care to know what was in the box his job was to acquire and take it to a safe place that is what he would do.

After one more check to be sure the bunker was empty Samco Blinked from his location into the bunker and placed his hand on the box as he and the new weapon disappeared.

Afterwards as always Samco could not help but think back to a simpler time a time when he went to work earned a living and had few worries just an average Joe. Before the unwanted gift before everything changed.

Samco remembered like it was only a few days ago not a few years. He was on highway 71 in the beautiful state of Nebraska outside Scottsbluff. He remembered every detail could see it in his mind with a clarity not even the best high definition TV could match.That was a part of the gift crystal clear recall of every second since it happened. It was 1:25pm on a Tuesday he was driving a red delivery van with his old employer's logo on the side. He had just left Scottbluff after dropping off the load he had taken there , A bright sunny day not hot or cold just right. He remembered thinking I will get home early today hit the gym for an hour maybe pick up an Arbys for dinner then work on the hot rod in the garage until the news comes on. But it did not work out that way not one little bit.

At 70 miles an hour the truck's motor just quit. As Samco fought with all his strength to control the large delivery van on a curvy road without the benefit of the power steering he was far to busy to notice the strange craft above the van just 20 or so feet. As the truck coasted to a stop he steered it onto the shoulder still unaware of the craft.

As the truck stopped he noticed the digital clock on the dash had gone dark. He turned the key several times to no avail not even a click. Then he noticed what at the time seemed strangest of all he was in the shade but that just made no sense at all.

Next a man was standing at the drivers door but something was not quite right about him. He looked male but not exactly like any one of any race Samco had ever met and his skin tone was a shade of gray not like any one Samco had ever seen before. Not only that but how in the hell had he arrived at the drivers door without being seen on approach.

Samco still shook and then laughed when he remembered how scared he had been at that moment. He remembered hearing not with his ears but with his mind the voice that would soon become a normal part of his life as it gently said, please do not try to run you will not be harmed.

He was then asked to exit the truck this seemed like a bad idea but he figured what choice do I have. The alien as Samco had figured out he must be by now simply said my name is Lapoonkemp and reached out to shake hands as normal as could be. The alien's name seemed strange but what could Samco say his name was after all Samuel John Copatiest but everyone had called him Samco as long as he could remember. As they shook hands Samco felt a sensation much like a bee sting on the palm of his hand. As he jerked his hand back in surprise everything went dark.

When he awakened about 30 minutes had passed he was sitting in the truck still parked where it had coasted to a stop. The alien had departed. After several seconds to clear his head he knew what had happened in fact he knew many things he had no memory of learning or reason to know.

Most importantly he was now conscious of the fact that nothing was as he had thought, and nothing would ever be the same.


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    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 6 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      Thanks you!!

    • dalton71482 profile image

      Jeremy Wade 6 years ago from Tennessee

      enjoy your story. thanks voted up

    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 6 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      hey all if you have ideas for adventure or problems that Samco. can solve please. post them here I will try to use them in upcomming segments thanks Brian