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The unwanted gift part 3 a hub series

Updated on April 21, 2012

Rude awaking

6am Samco steped from his recently acquired shower one of those fancy jobs with six shower heads hitting the occupant from every direction. His newest and favorite toy.

As he dressed for his morning run he pondered the coming meeting with agent Bob. Where would he start . The run was not necessarily needed the nanobots in his blood stream would keep him in great health however the morning ritual made him feel a little more like other people a feeling that was hard to come by since the gift was trust on him.

After dressing in his dark blue Nike running suite and shoes he headed for the balcony to survey the weather. It was six am he was not expected at agent Bob's until nine so time was not an issue.

He opened the over sized sliding door to step through and suddenly felt that uncontrollable freezing sensation in his chest that his nano heightened senses triggered when danger was near.

Samco jumped to the side hitting the deck as the sliding glass door suddenly developed a large caliber hole behind the spot where his head has been seconds ago. In an instant he had blinked to the attic where there was a small window facing the same direction as the balcony. He very carefully looked through the slates of the window blinds trying to discern where the shot had come from. He new if the shooter was a pro he would not rush up to check the target. The lack of blood splatter on the sliding door was a dead giveaway that the target was not hit. What he hoped was that the shooter not knowing his peculiar gift for blinking from one place to another would assume that he was pinned on the balcony out of site afraid to move. He was depending on the old max-im to ASSUME makes an ass of u and me.

The sound of the gunshot was not heard so chances were it was silenced another sign of a pro. One thing about his old carer of driving was patience lots of time just driving had helped build that virtue in him. After twenty long minutes of waiting it paid off. He could see the shooter slowly making his way toward the house. He stopped about 100 yards away behind a parked car and surveyed the house through a small pair of binoculars.

He looked like a professional as far as Samco could tell. Wow thought Samco how in hell would i know what a professional hit man looks like.

The hit man was fast no one could claim different. As Samco blinked in behind him he must have sensed another presence. As he spun around the look of shock was short lived as was the would be assassin.

Samco had no intention of killing the man only knocking him unconscious to be questioned on waking. However as the man spun around he was already swinging the heavy bat he had grabbed in the attic. The baseball bat had made contact on the bridge of the nose and must have been a lucky or unlucky shot depending on your point of view . In Samco's view unlucky because dead men cannot be questioned no matter how hard you try they just will not answer.

First things first blink himself and the body back to the attic and contact agent Bob. Next check his pockets for any indication of identity. He did not expect to find anything if the would be killer was indeed a professional. Agent Bob on the other hand would have much better resources to gather info on the man.

How in hell

How in the hell did this guy know who I am Samco yelled as it was agent Bob's turn for a ass chewing. Calm down His name was Andrew Abakumov ex KGB went free lance after the collapse. Why he was trying to kill you ? Well we are working on that. You were dam lucky he was considered the best who ever hired him has no problem with paying top dollar this guy cost big bucks. We will follow the money and see where it leads but you may not like it. For now you should go somewhere only you can go. Give me a few days to dig up more .

You damn well better . You guaranteed my anonymity if you can no longer do that then find yourself a new slave. I may not be as lucky next time.


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