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The unwanted gift part 4 a hub series

Updated on April 21, 2012


Samco was safe. He was standing on a beach on a small south pacific island miles from any shipping lanes. Not even agent Bob was privy to the location this was his private place he had acquired a small generator a nifty little devise with a toaster oven ,coffee pot, and hotplate all in one compact devise and a mini fridge. He also had a compact satellite reception devise that would connect to the internet from anywhere the device bounced the signal through several proxy servers making it almost impossible to trace back to his location. He had erected a large tent and mosquito netting. He could stay here for weeks if need be only blinking in and out for food stuffs.

Time to get to work.Hacking into the government's data base not that hard for someone with his skills hiding his tracks afterward a little harder.

Frank Philipsky the missing scientist had published an article about over unity power production three years ago that was about the extent of info on the regular internet. Shortly after he had just vanished from public view. The government info was only slightly better. He had started working in a government think tank called unity in Montana. There he continued his over unity research under government scrutiny. He toiled away there for two more years. And that was about it the records just stopped somebody with power wanted the information flow to stop that's all it could be as far as Samco could discern.

Thomas Baker had the shock of his life so far anyway. He had stepped into his bedroom to retrieve his cell phone and almost ran into a stranger. Samco had just arrived he reached out grabbed Tom by the arm and they both appeared on a bright clear beach , where Tom did not know.

Total confusion controlled Tom as he started to run down the beach. Calm down Samco yelled as he stood trying to no avail not to laugh. You are in no danger we just need to talk. Funny how being blinked tended to scare hell out of people.

As Tom stopped about 50 yards down the beach he yelled back what the hell who are you.

Poor Tom just happened to be the same height and build as Samco he also had the same color blue eyes. But most of all he was a lab assistant at Unity think tank.

Samco had researched personnel records for the think tank the night before and found Tom.

I just need to barrow your identity for a few hours and cannot have you talking so you need to stay here but you are safe Samco stated. After a few more minutes of trying to calm the man down Samco retrieved a Dean Koontz novel Tom had been reading and his sun glasses from his apartment before leaving him on the island. Samco had had to move others a few times even if they did try to tell someone they would be thought to be crazy so the danger was not that high.

A few hours later he was in Montana he had blinked into the office of Frank Philipsky for a little look see. He had acquired a black wig to match Toms hair and darkened his skin just a shade. His plan was to investigate DR Philipsky's office and maybe look around a little With Tom's ID badge and disguise he should be able to at least fool anyone he might run into from a short distance. Or be able to fool video cameras that might catch him unaware.

Since he blinked into the office he was somewhat confident that he was safe. He had memorized a layout including where the lab was the previous night.

The office was mostly empty no doubt transported to some government CSI lab to look for clues to Philipsky's whereabouts .

Think like a scientist sounds easy, not so much . If Philipsky wanted to hide something where would it be. He started with the floor it was ceramic tile so no way to hide there. The walls were textured drywall so no way to hide a seem . The ceiling was a standard drop ceiling found in most office buildings . On a lark he climbed on top of the empty desk and removed a tile. The light above the tiles was week scrutinizing every detail for several minutes he noticed what was out of place. The technician who had pulled the cat5 cable to the various wall jacks had left several feet of extra wire hanging loosely above the tiles. Samco could see one wire wrapped around one of the small cables used to hold up the ceiling . On closer inspection he could see a small piece of paper inside the coil of wire. He retrieved the paper climbed down and opened it up. The writing was to the point.

"If I am missing and you have dug deep enough to find this please help. A man approached me stating that I will turn in faults info on my report on over unity stating that it does not work or disappear. It does work I have refused but I am frightened" The note was signed DR Mark Philipsky.

What a strange note either Philipsky was very clever about covering his tracts or had indeed been taken againt his will.

The cold feeling was back in his chest again he was getting tired of this. The office door burst open and two armed men rushed in with guns drawn. Samco blinked out.

Back on the beach Thomas Barker was not happy to see Samco. He was to Samco's surprise laying on the lawn chair Samco had provided naked with a large palm leaf covering the boys. He had consumed at least one beer and a sandwich he seemed to be enjoying himself. He looked at Samco saying I thought you were leaving me a few days I figured I might as well take advantage of the vacation.

Get dressed Samco said I will take you home. Just keep in mind you tell about me and you will find yourself in Antarctica for ever.

Wait Tom said I was thinking if you were one of the bad guys why keep me alive and comfortable. Are you looking for Mark Philipsky? This stopped Samco in his tracks. You know about him? I know he went missing a few days ago. Mark was my friend if you are looking for him please let me help.

New friend

They blinked into Toms apartment before Tom could speak Samco grabbed his arm and touch his own lips in the universal sign for quiet. An instant later a man stepped from the bedroom with a very shocked look most likely because no one could have entered the apartment by normal means without being seen from the bedroom door.

He started to raise a gun and was again shocked as Samco disappeared only to show up behind the guy and plow into his legs with full force. As the intruder went down the gun flew in the direction of Tom. Samco was to busy to worry about this at the moment. He landed on top of the man with a thud but the man was far bigger and much better trained Samco never had a chance he was thrown off the man as he scrambled to get out of the way a very large fist hit him square in the chin to make matters worse he was jumping forward right into it. Samco was done lights out.

Samco awakened with a start he did not know what was going on he tried to jump up but the pain in his face and neck let him know that was not going to happen. This time it was Tom saying relax dude you fine. He turned his head just a little and could see the intruder he was in a kitchen chair some one had twisted a bed sheet to create a rope and tied the man at ankle and waist then tied his hands behind him and to the chair runners. The man was not leaving he also noticed the mans left leg was soaked in blood at the knee and a belt had been tied around his leg as a make shift tourniquet .

What happened to him he asked. Well said Tom after you two stopped dancing I had to shoot him to get him off you. Good thinking hitting the leg he might have some info for us. I was aiming at his head Tom joked.

As Samco turned a little more he could see Tom at the table with a concerned look on his face. Across from him sat the most beautiful woman he had ever seen She had Toms dark hair and bright blue eyes But the hair was long silky and framed her face perfectly. Even in his present condition the attraction was strong instant and undeniable.

He tried to hide it. How long was I out he said? About three hours. This is my twin sister Mikey shes the big shot in our family she works for the CIA.

Boy Tom said when you get knocked out you do it right. Yea yea don't need to hear it. I will be fine in a few minutes .Funny thing about that after that guy was out of the way I checked your pulse you did not have one. I did not know what to do so I called Micky. Your jaw and neck were both broken After one minute you started to breath again now three hours later you can move and talk. I have seen how you can move want to share the rest.

Well said Samco you have saved my life plus you could have called the cops and called her instead. I guess a little trust is in order. But when he does not report to whoever sent him they may come looking so lets go to my place. I have a friend named Bob who will know how to get answers from him I will call him then lets go. Oh Micky let me see your cell phone he took out the battery and handed it back no GPS to track where we go. If they figured out that Tom was involved then it won't take long to track you too CIA or not.

A quick Call to agent Bob and then Samco took his first ever guests to his private island.


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