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The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power by Dave Roberson #4 Book Review

Updated on August 17, 2020
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I love reading. I want to share with you short reviews of the Christian books I have read in 2020. I encourage you to read them too. ❤️


Do you still think that speaking in tongues is not for today? More than two years ago, around two months after getting saved, I had just been introduced to the topic about Holy Spirit baptism with evidence of speaking in tongues. I had deep desire for this gift and even though I received it, I had difficulties speaking in tongues because of fear and lack of knowledge on the topic. I finally spoke in tongues for the first time in December 2018 and I loved praying in my new prayer language.

There are many things I experienced months later that almost convinced me that my gift of tongues was not real. And being told something against my gift, made me spend exactly one year without using my gift. I'm just so grateful to the Lord for reviving that gift this year and helping me understand why many people today don't believe in the gift anymore. Apart from the Bible, here is a good book that will help change your beliefs about the gift of tongues as you learn on the benefits of praying in tongues.


The walk of the spirit the walk of power

In his book, "The walk of the spirit the walk of power", Dave Roberson shares his personal spiritual walk and growth that he benefited from praying in tongues. Dave clearly explains and teaches on the good consequences of praying in tongues in each of the fifteen chapters. I read this book and finished it in only five days as I prepared myself to read only three chapters a day.

I got to understand many things about my gift of tongues that I was confused about. And this book made it clear to me that even though this gift is looked down upon by many professing Christians, even those in authority, it is actually the foundational basis on which other gifts are built upon.

Dave is really open in his writings especially in this book. He goes ahead to share his personal stories that will leave you laughing. I love how plain and simple his statements are. Imagine telling someone that the only change you experienced after months of praying in tongues was a tired tongue, a dry throat and a weary chin. That is what Dave was experiencing when he made a decision to leave his job and pray in tongues for eight hours a day. The same hours he used to spend at his work place.

I really liked the zeal in this man. Very many wouldn't take this step of faith because many walk by sight and not by faith. But when you read the chapters that follow, in his book, you will see the benefits that Dave enjoyed from praying in tongues. The teachings in his book made me so sure and thankful to God for this gift. I'm happy I didn't waste another second year of not praying in tongues as I did the first, I now love singing in tongues. ❤️

Many Christians have this gift but don't use it because they have been lied to that tongues is from the devil. We all know tongues will cease one day but you can't entertain false teachings and stop using your gift. Reading this book will help you know why the gift of tongues is important now in this world. Don't you want to be edified? Don't you want to attain agape love? Then humble yourselves and read the teachings written in Dave's book so you can immediately utilize the gift God has given you for your benefit and for the benefit of the body of Christ.


I would love to tell you in details of how his book really helped me to get out of the doubts and fears that had plagued me because of the lies I was told about my gift, but I will save that chapter for my own book. I encourage those who are interested in this gift to read the teachings in this book. Prayerfully read your Bible too and you will know the truth about God's gift and why the enemy fights so hard the gift of tongues. I believe you will be blessed like I was blessed. Shalom!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Milly Light


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