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The website Article Income: My thoughts about it

Updated on June 1, 2010

 Article income is a website that I discovered and it appears to be in beta mode but I do not think this website is going to do well. Well first things first Article income is a website that is being presented as a website where writers can go and write about pretty much anything they want to write about and make some money. Basically the website is like Hubpages in a way, which they share their AD revenue but there are many things that make Hubpages a much better website than Article income.

The layout of Article income is horrible and it really doesn't look like a professional website. I also don't see many members belonging to it but I do hope that this website will prosper and become a profitable website for both the owners of Article income as well as the writers who sign up and write for them. The sign up process is easy but too me the website just doesn’t look all that right to me but I am going to say that they appear legit but I don’t see them working because they are going to be competing against sites such as Hubpages, Squidoo and Bukisa.

I do see a few things that could be good for the writers and that is Article Income is in beta mode so that means that writers should join very soon as they are just in beta mode and this means that if you are one of the firsts to join than it could be beneficial for you but don’t hold your breathe because Hubpages is definitely a lot better than Article Income and I have had much more luck writing here on Hubpages than pretty much anywhere else.

I think that if you are a writer and you like writing a lot than go and give Article income a go because it is free too join and they appear to be legit and the real deal. Only time will tell if they can compete with other websites and help writers make some money.



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