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The workings of the brain

Updated on June 17, 2011

For quite some time
I’ve been wondering now
about the workings of the brain
I ask myself how

How does this computer
of the human body work
and also the subconscious
not conscious and yet heard

For if you listen well
to that inner voice
you will find in life
an easier choice

The brain itself
can it only memorise?
Or could it be
a transmitting device?

When the soul travels
it goes through things
most memories forgotten
but some we bring

We take them with us
to another life
and some remember
those other times

Not just visions
or telling dreams
but entire languages
able to speak

Grammar included
no accent to hear
A puzzling phenomena
happening here

Now this is exactly
what puzzles me
tangible grammar
a memory?

Somehow the brain
connects with the soul
transmission takes place
between the both

Of course I don’t know
I’m no scientist
It’s just something I went through
when I was a kid



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