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The young lion

Updated on April 9, 2017

On my way to the old small factory where I worked in, I saw a little girl carrying something and walking through an empty land where boys used to play football.

She was walking quietly and slowly till she passed beside an under construction house then I heard her screaming and I saw some dogs chasing her.

I was so far from her so I was scared that they would bite her, I froze in my place, but as a hero, he came from nowhere … A little boy, a few years older than her, appeared from nowhere and suddenly the dogs stopped and they returned back to that house … He walked with her back to that house and stand in front of it … the dogs made some sounds but didn’t get out from the house. For minutes he challenged them and he won.

He was just one little boy and they were about five dogs, but he had the heart of a big lion. He saved her and challenged them with nothing in his hands but with great self-confidence and brave heart.


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