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The Blasphemous Stones

Updated on March 19, 2011

*Photo by Allison Hutto

You place the blame so comfortably,

I see the lies behind your smile.

Like a crooked dictator, you put the innocent on trial.

You sit so high on your throne of hypocrisy,

Judging the downfall of us all.

Entrapping others in your ways of thought.

oh how we'd love to see you fall...

Pulling my hair out, trying to figure out, just how to bring you down from your cloud

Gathering the troops, searching for truth.

We are plotting the end of your rule.... 

I'm drawing in the masses, let's alter the carcass a bit.

I can still taste the dirt in my mouth,

Shaming you to prove the paramount.

You take pride in your malice sense style,

Discarding the family trash in a guiltless little pile

Programing your affliction in us all.

Oh how we'd love to see you fall.

Oh how we'd love to see you fall................


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