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Broken Wing

Updated on April 12, 2016

You came along just in the

nick of time. You picked

me up and brushed off all

the cruelty he had caused.

You healed my broken

wings and made me

believe in myself and in

you. You healed my

broken heart and let me

believe in love again. All

the while you were

laughing behind my back.

Telling lies to my parents

and holding secrets

only you knew. You told

me you loved, but to

my parents, you called me

a bitch. I believed in

you and actually allowed

myself to trust you. You

had helped to heal what

was once so broken , that

of which you broke in two

on your own with just a

few words. So now I drag

around this broken wing

which is torn into from

your lies and you deceit.

This broken wing that

maybe shall never heal. I

used to think that I could

replace you, but now all I

wish to do is run to you

and hope you’ll shield me

from this pain of failure as

you did before. I feel so

broken, so torn, so lost,

what can I do to gain

what I wish so dearly?

Martina McBride - Broken Wing ( LYRICS )


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