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The Coming of Day

Updated on June 7, 2013

Hillsong/From the Inside Out

Oh the embracing of grace

Thou dost offer unto me

Which tarries not for a moment

Until they child is made to be free

Ever seeking the depths

To reach into the heart

Tracing steps that were made

To lead back to the start

How else our Dear Lord

Might understanding be found

Without Thy tender grasp upon chains

Which have us hopelessly bound

Unkind words spoken to us

From a time in the past

Carry louder an echo

Causing pain that can last

For they become a belief

That resides deep inside

Leaving blinded the child

So Thy truth it dost hide

But Thou art the same God

Who created the night

Darkness dispelled in the moment

Thou didst bring forth the light

It is unto thee at Thy feet

Burdens are brought forth to lay

That thy child may rest ever peaceful

Until the coming of day...

Lisa Patricoff 2009


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