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The Drunkard

Updated on February 6, 2017

It was an evening, one day, on my way home on the car; I was driving in a street I had never taken before. There was a mob going on my usual way to home, so I ask a commuter the shortcut way to my home. I was new to the Beautiful City; else I could have been quite familiar the nook and corner of the city, at least my way home.

As the street was new to me and a mob among the citizens broke up, I was driving my car a bit careful and taking unusual care mainly on turns.

“Who the hell will bothers…. I don’t care!”

I heard a voice with the cold breeze from the far off front, like the wind blow stiffly to my ears and silently fade away rattling the trees, way side.

“I don’t care, who bothers.”

I heard again with a more clear but drunken tone as I drove nearer. I slowed down my car, tried to listen the voice – leaning out my ear upon the wind searching for the direction of the sound.

I drove my car closer to the voice and a bit slower, so that I could sort out whats exactly going on.

“I am a free man now. Free to die, no one will bother. I had reared up all my children to be perfect men and women to stand by themselves. Some are government employees and some are successful in their own businesses. They all have their own families now. I left for my wife a lot to spend till generations. I am a free man now and I am not bothered if I die. I don’t care if a car struck me down to death. He will be charged and my family will be prosperous more.”

He is drunken, he continued—

“I am not afraid to die, hit me if you are brave and have courage to hit me. I know, nobody can, hurt me, that’s why I am proudly walking down this street on my way own.” I know they will pass my way up; not even making a single honk and taking their own turns.”

I saw him, vividly, swaying his body—but almost controlled of his steps not to cross over; out off his side—but not stop shouting. I felt calm in my heart and put a smile automatically on my face; knew of his controlled steps and manner. I thought of following him and watched, what he was up to. I was driving slower – snailing my car.

“I am a drunkard, I am a bad man. But I didn’t do anything to hurt anyone’s sentiment. If anybody is there who want to challenge me, come out now and face me boldly. Ha—ha—ha—I will teach you how to live life.”

drunkard- living life
drunkard- living life

He indeed seemed lived the life to its fullest!

“Hey –who’s that? You awkward fool! Why did you throw me stone, stealthily? I hate thieves. If you have courage come out now; talk to me. Do you want to fight with me? Come on kill me. I am ready to die. You are coward. I know you won’t stand a heel in front of me. Ha—ha—ha--!”

“Ha—ha— you drunkard fool!”

I heard some kids heinously mocking him from somewhere behind. I didn’t try to find out them as the man on the street continued--.

“You son of beast, don’t you have a manner to speak to your elders. Didn’t your parent teach you how to behave; you scoundrels?”

“What’s going on kids!” I heard another older voice and followed seconds of silence and the man on the street continued--.

“I know you scoundrels are hiding there somewhere and pulling my legs.” A drunken pause followed.

“These kids these days have no respects to elders—they don’t know how to behave to others. I know you scoundrels are listening to me. Try, learn something from your parents or else come out here; I will teach you how. Did your parents teach you to tease me stealthily; because I am a drunkard? Hey you fools, ask your parents about me and try learning from them, and mess with me. You fools!”

Suddenly he stopped at my car’s light while I was taking a turn slowly.

“Come on hit me!”

Still he was far off the side of the road.

“Once, I was a driver too, I know how to drive.”

Stand aside of the road, watching me pass over slowly with his drunken eyes sneak and mouth trying hard laboriously to move and to make a smile.

You won’t believe, his face will pull out automatically a smile on your face, that’s his attitude. I recognized and pictured him in my mind. I passed him by and he was continuing:-

“I know everyone, won’t stand a heel in front of me. That’s why I am challenging: come and hit me.”

I didn’t mind putting a broad smile on my face as I pull off the car faster.


© 2015 Ibomcha S Kh


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