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The Fir

Updated on June 9, 2017
The Fir

What a Fir! So lovely, oh! dear;
so beautiful and so sincere.
With its leaves in a glorious morn
and its trunks that are so stubborn.

The tiny grasses on its ground
and flowers abaft can be found;
the ripe and sweet fruits on its hairs
gave good feeling to one it bares.

The Fir is big and marvelous,
Is great yet is so mysterious.
Talking the feeling all alone;
Keeping the moments on its own.

The whole round world is on its nest,
the birds were lying on its breast;
the Fir believes the things it shared
would make the two divergent paired.

What a Fir? So courageous dear;
So great and strong, it cast no fear
for it had let the fears to pass,
to the Greatest it made canvass.


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