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Updated on December 6, 2016

The Grand Battalion

The entire humanity is such a legionaire,

And life is all a grand battleground

Such warfare where everyday might be your last stand,

Such warfare to thrust or breath shall last,

Such warfare to rise and fall over tombs,

Though such warfare alone shall live not no matter what

Every man assemble this entire legion,

Each man is on the list of this grand battalion:

Most fight what is worth fighting for

For life, for destiny, for love, and for dignity.

Some fight and lost in silence,

While some just turned the front line.

Others wear an armor while some are bare.

Some hides their sword while others throw their spear.

Few hides behind to make others its shield.

Several was once shot but a smiling beard.

A lot are the horses at the chariot of the throne,

While a handful wants to win a heart so gave their own.

Some people cried tears of coal while others of gold.

But keep those eyes wide open for those who surround

Watch for those who suck the blood of their comrades,

Much worst for those who embraces their enemy.

Life is never a war but a battleground.

Life is never a war on the battlefield.


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    • Shinshin Gavaran profile image

      Charles Gavaran 14 months ago from San Jose , Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines

      Yah! I admit no one likes it