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The Haunted House of Dracula

Updated on January 28, 2018
gposchman profile image

I am retired and have taken a new direction in my life. Because of my own limitations, I have been forced to re-evaluate my projects.

A Fall from Grace and a Found Redemption

It's time to simplify.
It's time to simplify.

It isn't as serious as it sounds. Youthful Gene had an overinflated ego of what he could accomplish. I can program, I am what is referred to A programmer analyst or hacker. Hacker is a term that has taken on a sinister cloak that it doesn't deserve. What it means is that I have the ability to read code and analyze what it was designed to do. If the code has limitations, defects, or strengths I can improve it, fix it or work out a process to exploit its undocumented strengths.

Since my background has been in programming I have been able to use software to accomplish pretty much what I wanted. My second strength was in writing. Although I put writing fiction on the back burner for thirty years, I was capable of creating, outlining, and developing an entertaining storyline. I chose Unity as my game development engine. I had a back up in the Adventure Game Studio. I loved Sierra style adventure games. I found software for creating 3D objects called iClone. I also had the Game Maker's Apprentice. It's a book on game development and another game engine to use. I had all the tools to create a game. These tools are still available today.

The scope of the game I was working on was far beyond the development of a single person. Once I had discovered that the project was too big for a single person, I made some attempts to get others interested in my project, but to no avail. Booh and Babbott in The Haunted House of Dracula had to be shelved.

New Life on a Smaller Scale.

One of the major issues I had, was that Booh and Babbot were more visual than I had skills for. I had indeed created avatars for the two characters, but they were simple images. I had no way to really animate them. IClone had some capability but the software I was relying on for full development had exceeded the capacity of my computer. Then I discovered Cartoon Solutions. To understand the products and services, visit their site. When I become more adept at using them I will provide a review. Right now they are a big thumbs up.

Meet The New Booh and Babbot

They are based on a combination of Laurel and Hardy and Abbot and Costello, a little more of the latter than the former and with a twist of my own imagination. They start out as gentlemen cleaners; that's janitors in suits. It is Babbot's idea. He is the almost brains of the duo who have been together since childhood. Booh is the dreamer. Their first adventure is entitled The Haunted House of Dracula. While working as gentlemen janitors, they will get caught up in taking a "case" from a "Femme Fatale" that takes them to a haunted mansion once owned by the famous Count.

Bartholomew Orinthal Oliver Halstead
Bartholomew Orinthal Oliver Halstead

Bartholomew Orinthal Oliver Halstead

Booh is based on Lou Costello; He is cute and cuddly and for some strange reason, women are attracted to him. The image to the right was created with iClone and was very acceptable. The program sucked up computer resources and I didn't have the platform to support the software. In the future, I may return to it, but my source material will still be from Cartoon Solutions.

I decided the character of Booh needed a bit of an update. When I got to Cartoon Solutions there were a number male characters that could provide me with what I was looking for. I needed to be able to create a variety of poses that I could animate and that I could use in a graphic novel.

Jonathan Babbot
Jonathan Babbot

Jonathan Babbot

He is a planner, an idea man and the life long companion of Booh. At times he may seem hard on Booh, but don't ever put Booh in danger, because Babbot is as protective as they come.

Shifting from Adventure Gaming To...

While it might seem an odd leap from Adventure Gaming to...

Well, what? Stories? Animation? Some form of multimedia?

I have an outline of a game storyline for the Haunted House Of Dracula. This is the same format I use to create a book outline.

Booh and Babbot are working as Gentlemen Janitors in an office building. Their current client is a Private Detective.

While cleaning the office Booh starts nosing around. He finds a machine for making business cards. He makes one-off business cards with their names on them from the Private Detective's office.

Enter the "Femme Fatale". She has inherited a Mansion that used to belong he Uncle Alucard. She is going there for the first time and she want's to be accompanied by a Private Detective. She is beautiful which appeals to Booh, and she offers a lot of money which appeals to Babbott. She'll meet them at the mansion

The hapless duo goes to the mansion. The trail of the story literally drops Booh and Babbott into a dungeon they must escape.

From there they meet their "client" in the entry of the mansion.

They explore the mansion. It is haunted and they are trapped there until they solve a number of mysterious deaths. The trio becomes a foursome.

They succeed and escape out into the backyard which contains a huge hedge maze with deadly surprises.

They come upon an old wooden bridge that is reminiscent of the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

The bridge takes them to a Haunted graveyard with a huge Crypt, the Climax takes place in the Crypt.

I will work with this outline, building chapters, adding characters, and developing backstory development.

The outline for a game is now an outline for a graphic novel or an illustrated book? For now, it is a Facebook page where, as elements of the story develop they will be displayed for potential customers and others interested in a project development.

The New Version of Our Hapless Heroes


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    • gposchman profile imageAUTHOR

      Gene Poschman 

      7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      The current version is being developed in Unity 3D, but there is some preliminary artwork developed in Paint Shop Pro and a sad but honest effort to create a HOG in Game Maker. I will post the effort on my Web Site so you can see the difference.

      Thank you for your comment.


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I want steps for how to make it useing game maker.

    • gposchman profile imageAUTHOR

      Gene Poschman 

      7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I am actively working on developing the game, but as an Independent Game Developer, it takes time. I will be adding additional articles as I develop the game covering everything from programming, Unity 3D, art work, music, sound effects and voice over acting. As they say watch this space for more.


    • Irena Petlaca profile image

      Irena Petlaca 

      7 years ago

      I enjoyed while I was reading. I love hidden object games, too and I try to write about them. But I'm a beginner. Excellent article!


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