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The Inner-City Blues: Philadelphia Blazers still live in the novel Philly Style and Philly Profile!

Updated on May 25, 2015

The Inner-City Blues

Father’s Day is coming soon. If you don’t believe it, go to your Wal-Mart store or local grocery store and you will see balloons, cards and gifts lined up in neat rows on the shelves.

If you don’t have biological children, people give you a funny look…which is a look of ignorance.

A father is more than a person who has biological children. After a few years, I realized that God put me on this earth for different purposes and for different reasons.

The most enjoyable time in my life was as a community basketball coach in Philadelphia for my team called the Philadelphia Blazers. I wanted to help young people and when I see how successful they have become in life, it's a wonderful feeling. The values and positive life lessons, worked on developing in the seventies, are being passed forward each and every day across the country.

One of my former Players, Thomas Gilbert, is doing a fantastic job with youth teams in Denver, Colorado

Over the years people have asked me why I coach.

Tarone Tee Thornton, Thomas, Nate Taylor and all the Philadelphia Blazers validate my decision. I wouldn’t trade the experiences or the close relationships for all the riches in the world.

Sometimes, I wondered what it would have felt like, the emotions flowing through my being, to have had biological children.

I’ve had many basketball sons and my players exemplify what I would want my biological sons to grow into…men of character who learn values and appreciate the people in their lives.

I want to thank my players for the wonderful comments about the impact I had on their lives!

Thomas Gilbert, point guard, Philadelphia Blazers, 1970s

“Hey Coach, hope all is well. My youngest son just finished his freshman season. He was named Most Outstanding Player on the JV team. He also played in every varsity game, and was a starter for the final 8 games of the season. His first start was against the #1 team in the state. He played very well the entire year. I want you know that his play is built on the foundation of the fundamentals that you helped to instill in us with the Blazers. I'm most proud that he is a really good student and a great young man. These are also qualities that I'm grateful that you stressed with us. Thanks Coach!”

Nate Taylor, forward, Philadelphia Blazers 1970s

“It was a great time in my life also I want to thank you for the experience of traveling and playing against people from all over the country. “

Tarone Tee Thornton, forward, Philadelphia Blazers 1970

Sent a few Father Day a few years ago.

“Happy belated Father’s Day coach, I know I’m a little late and you don’t have any biological kids, but you helped raise many. You showed us not only basketball, but life and how to conduct ourselves as young men and that there was a big world outside of Philadelphia and for that I will always be grateful. I wish you much success and happiness in your career as an author. Much love and respect to you always.”
I cried when I read the comments and stared at the Philadelphia Blazers team photo at the old Spectrum in Philadelphia…but I was so very, very happy!

As an author when I wrote Philly Style and Philly Profile, anovel centered on my experiences coaching the Philadelphia Blazers in the seventies; it was dedicated to all my Blazers. I wrote to remember the players and to put into words the feelings, emotions and experiences of seeing a group of young boys grow into productive MEN.

Now, with God’s Blessings, I’m still physically fit and still teaching, coaching and writing novels!

Coach Thomas Gilbert

Current Coach Thomas Gilbert
Current Coach Thomas Gilbert | Source

Philly Style and Philly Psrofile


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