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The Messy Road

Updated on June 9, 2017
The Messy Road

Running along the street so full of a load,
are rangers tracking the long messy road.
On wheels, reaching the corners of a day,
are legs too stout enduring in dismay,

and up, the guilty clouds made anxious nerves,
underneath, the grumpy roads made the curves.
And so much of the silence that deafens,
More on the passing time, more it deepens.

Cracks here, cracks there, the cracks were everywhere;
road filled with cracks, yet destined to be there.
Though bumps and humps are always on the way,
being there, is so grateful for the day

'cause along the run, beauty is timeless-
viewed from the bleaks, medow's picturesqueness;
aid for a moment of anxiety.
A soulful prayer more than thy bounty.

The long messy road is  leaves that fall
of finest host yet can't control at all.


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