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The Power of Words

Updated on March 21, 2012
The Power of Words
The Power of Words | Source

Word Game

The beauty of God’s creation has always been considered to be the Human Beings who can think. But, the most amazing part that god has gifted to this mankind is the ability to speak. Human beings are the only species who have got this wonderful gift from the nature to communicate, express love and understand other person’s feelings. The art lies in the fact how words are portrayed, articulated and conveyed, besides the way it is fabricated as per the situation so that it doesn’t seems to be out of context or a mockery of other person’s life, this also matters the most.

The type of words you decide to speak depends on the no. of factors such as your upbringing, teaching, surrounding, peer group and your own life experiences. If your life has been positive so far, you will always use positive words as you tend to see the positive things all over around. But, on the other hand, if you have faced many challenges rather than success then you will foresee negativity in everything and also in the people and their respective lives as well.

You can make a person’s day or can ruin it by the choice of words that you make at a particular time and in what context with reference to the person concerned. If you say, “you are looking good”, it’s natural that the concerned person will become happy and will never forget your face or your words, on the other side if you say, this color doesn’t suits on you, try something else”, will not only hurt a person but will force to think whether he/she is looking like a clown or not.

Words when uttered cannot be taken back; they are like an arrow which comes out of a bow in nanoseconds, so beware when you are interacting upon personal or professional maters. Words create a huge impact in deciding our personalities, the way we interact with the world that surrounds us and reveal a picture of ours on a large scale.

Words motivate us, intrigue us, inspire us, and can bring out a state of happiness or soreness.

Take a look at your life, and recall the moments when just by couple of words, have changed the course of your life and made a difference. I like him. Want to marry you! Let’s go for a drive. Congrats for a job. You are asked to resign. He is sick. Well done etc… are just the examples of what might seems a couple of alphabets or mere words can actually be the driving force of our life’s journey.

You can also realize the power of the world when every other company tries to prove their products the best through the way of tactful marketing or advertising. Buy one get one free, MC Donald’s Happy Price Menu, Kid’s wear, 2 minutes noodles, Ready to cook etc instantly grabs our attention and over the ages have changed our decision making, lifestyle and an increase on our purchasing power. Kids gets influenced by the gimmicks shown and words used in the ad who in turn influences the parents to get them the thing.

Matrimonial Ads are the great examples of how preferred words can help you to get a perfect partner. Similarly, greeting cards are the old but an effective way of showing your care and affection for others.

E-commerce organizations like snapdeal, ebay, amazon works on wooing its online customers by making a use of smart organized words such as free delivery, best deals, available options, payment mode, etc.

Social sites such as twitter or facebook have given the liberty to a person for using words to express the ideas, feelings and views in one’s own manner. But at the same time, they also check the words used as an abusive and ask users to report the issue.

Google also depends on its income through Google Ad-sense, which pays according to the words correctly searched for particular things.

Latest technology that Apple has used in its latest IPhone 4S is Siri, an application that uses and hears your words and performs actions related to it. Isn’t it wonderful that now you can talk to your phone and direct it for doing different things just by saying few organized words.

The great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata in Indian religion have been created by beautifully capturing the scenes into words. It’s like as when you read them, you tend to visualize everything happening in front of your eyes.

For that matter, authors are also known to change a person’s views by presenting their ideas in such a manner that it adds fuel to change the reader’s thinking in a particular dimension.

Story books, motivational books, love stories are all time greatest hits in terms of categories with readers from all the age-groups; as you feel associated with the words and phrases in it.

On the negative side, use of some words has led to wars and brutal killing of masses. Terrorists often play with words and same is the case with politicians globally which tarnishes the country’s image.

Words really have power in them and largely decide what kind of a person we are, or how do we think and can really transform us. So next time when you speak up, watch out your words too, as it does influence others also.


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    • shwetha123 profile image

      Shwetha Shetty 5 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Alladream74

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 5 years ago from Oakland, California

      Beautifully written and so true