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Short Story: The Present Future! Video..

Updated on March 25, 2012

The present future!

Can you remember that ultimate place where we always dream t of being in life. Remember that time, when we felt that we had reached our individual goal, and we were on top of the world , That level which we were seeking for some time, the one which always seems to take a very long time, even for those who were conveniently, born into it.

Because there is this selfishness that seems to come with every human that was born from this same reproductive process, given to man. That male and female interaction that produces offspring. Though that is those who will no doubt argue this, as being only "relative"

We as humans have experimented with numerous products since our existence. All those different substances and beliefs, that we have tried and are continuing to try, to help propel us in a more efficient and satisfactory manner. To go on and accompany us in that same direction, the one of our intended destination.

At this time we all know, that it usually boils down to all forms stimulants. Trying to squeeze the final ounce of that which we need out of where we are seeking it.

As we advance in our searches we would lean on those that we have tried and know will be just powerful enough to anesthetize our minds, making us somewhat immune, to all other deterrents and ill advice, from any and all fellow human beings. We would usually adhere to those that sympathize with us, even those who encourages us on.

I have experienced this full hand and for what I have seen during my travels, am that each individual situation, yields his own convinced testament, that's usually preached from a place of deep conviction.

Each individual usually knows exactly what it takes to float his boat. It's amazing how it varies from person to person.

There are immeasurable quantities of substances and things. To some it can simply be the everyday potion of alcohol or drugs. Those are usually the two main culprits. If not, they usually play the vital role in all decisions.

It can also be other simple, but equally effective everyday portions that one partakes in. As I say to each his own , and when you have traveled my kind of distance, you two will be amazed at what humans like yourselves can come up with to fill the void, float your boat!

There are things like coffee, coca cola, chocolate, high caffeinated drinks, glue, paint, leaves, tea, whip cream in the can. Strawberries only to name a few, but you get what I mean. Things that is influential, and powerful enough to move mature adults, even like myself, to sometimes do unbelievable things! If hind sight was ever 20/20?

I do believe that after sometime, we all look forward to those things. Whatever form we have decided on at this time, and in whichever way we have been convinced that this is it for us, and how ever often we need it. However there is this universal truth that lingers and shadows our every moment. That is, whatever roads one chooses to take, and we are known to take many different paths. The cold truth of it all it we are all guaranteed to end up in very similar destinations! We will only be separated by life most powerful mother of an entity, which is: "Time!"

Eventually it all comes around within each individual again and again to match wits with us, it's a given in nature, it's in the form of our"CONSCIENCE"that's the nature of life.

There is nothing anyone can do about their conscience:either listen to it, or continue to fooling your own self, by not!

Everything in life that you allow to get very close to you, especially being able to be part a of your decision making process, in your everyday life, from a early as you adopt it and regardless of what it is! Because of that integral role you have given it to play, it will eventually make a push for the lead, sometimes only for recognition, to remind you of the role it plays.

I am convinced, let’s say I know for sure, that there is only one way in this life a human being is supposed to go, and by any means necessary. That is "Forward" One fellow Hubber caught on to something I wrote the other day, and I shook for a moment, in recognition of the ability displayed. These are life's entrances and exists and also the reason why, each of us have our own assignments to complete. That's why pourConsciencewas placed in us and there is nothingwe can do to deny it! “Know thyself" Because sometimes in going the direction that feels to be forward, that points forward by millions of people , entire islands , countries , and continents. They are actually moving backwards by thousands of years. There will be none to blame.

When you’re chosen companion. As they will all eventually come again and put you to the ultimate test. Yes they will attempt to take over from you. It is in these situations, and conditions the true nature of the human individual is tested, and unveiled.

A prostitute’s a prostitute, even dressed like a nun! A thief's a thief, even when his agenda is same as those of Robin Hood!

Your ultimate role is the person that you are, not the one that you are playing, or trying to play!

You are the only one that can assure your true role in life, and that's thee reason, at the beginning of this story I said even when those of us, who seen to be born with it all, we still got our road to travel. That's the reason having it all is quite different with every individual.

Being the true host of your agenda in life takes a unique type of relationship with your inner self and your conscience.

There is a very thin line that separates all these substances we experiment with, from all being classed as the same."Take your pick" I have seen them with ease, go on to destroy those who use them with. But I have also seen those with the understanding to work with them.

All successful humans have learned to embrace and understand everything that has eventually worked for them.

There is no one to blame but your own self! If you try to blame the powers that be, they will say, that it’s the people, who wants it like that. When was the last time you attempted to override the powers that be, and attempted to check, if the report given to us/you, was accurately conveyed.

As I look at the direction in which these key issues are heading, it's only evident that, they will come up again, in massive numbers, in the future. Though it will again be handled quite easily, the outcome will be far different than what it usually is. If I was to pass on, before these same issues gets on the table, remember that on this the 22nd day of December 2011. That Sky9106 said the question will again be prominent on the future table.

If drugs and alcohol are that hazardous to the human existence, if it does nothing more than destroys. Why is still here with us? And why would it be carried everyplace we go in this universe time permitting?

Who do you thing will becrowned. Thefirst human or alien to carry those known mood enhancers, into our new horizons, and by using what means? I am hoping that it won't be the same story that are being knocked down left and right here, like: It’s great for us! Because there will be no one to be tried from that past generation, for any atrocities.

Bad cannot become good after an entire generation was wiped out for it being bad!

Will our reality lead us to understand, more truth? Or will that pretense still govern?

In other words will we again turn the blind eye, and uphold favoritism, and greed?

Did I mention it could also be sex, the profound weakness mankind portrays for that feeling!

The fear and bravery that unites the weakness! How do you see it being in this?

“The present Future”


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      You are so kind . and i will leave what you have to say , you have that right, and I am honorable enough to publish it . But I have met you many times before and I can tell you , it's not over you are still alive and God loves you.

      Remember that I am one who knows that they crucify Jesus Christ.

      Tell me of some hubs that you have positive things to say I will learn more about who you are and what's your truthful objective.because one who knows that much and feels the true need to share , will have much more than one hub. But the workers of evil who are easy for me to spot that their approach.

      Try someone else .

      God did not instill in me a spirit of fear. For we fight not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, spiritual wicked wickedness in high and low places. I rebuke you in the name of the Most High God.

      Go in peace.

    • T Craig profile image

      T Craig 6 years ago from Largo

      Well, Sky, I am sorry that I cannot agree with anything written here by your followers or in your piece. However, I have to confess, I didn’t read your entire piece. It was too painful i.e.: poorly written and meaningless. It may have been better as a poem.

      I think we need to be clear and I think we need to be honest otherwise we just roll around in self-indulgence. If you want to improve yourself you must look to your critics. A good self-esteem is highly over rated. An accurate self-esteem is more productive if you have the maturity and responsibility to accept it and act on it. Otherwise it is as much a narcotic as anything else.

      If you would be so kind, let me be the first critic to help you. First, with respect to the comment on your “good” writing, your writing may be many things, but “good” is not one of them. I am not trying to be cruel, only honest and clear. If you are going to benefit, clarity and honesty are paramount; denial is out.

      Here is something directly related to your current post. If you have a point in your writing, stop babbling on like an over dosed druggy and make the point. Let every sentence you write drive to the final point. Leave out the juvenile mental meanderings for your rough draft. Go back and clean it up with proof reading. Did you even re-read what you wrote before you posted it?

      Then take some classes about basic grammar; learn something about writing. Use complete sentences unless you are writing poetry.

      Also, your writing is way too long. Professional columnists don’t get this much space to write good and meaningful pieces.

      You may actually have a point in some of your writing, but only those who have absolutely nothing to do except sit in the glow of their computer screen at two A.M. will take time to read it.

      And by the way, I would have liked to have read all of your article so I could determine just what the heck you were talking about. Then, maybe, we could have a discussion on the substance of your piece rather than the boring, distracting style of your writing.

      Sorry if you find this objectionable. It is not, after-all, my job to admonish you or lecture you. Whether you accept this or not is your business. You don’t have to listen to it and you don’t have to post what I have written, but hopefully, this will be a learning experience for you. As a writer and novelist myself, I crave honest criticism. It is how I get better.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks you "AE" i have seen the works during my travels , and some . You won't or you will believe the extent and the extreme, humans will travel to find that place.

      I saw them leave the coffee and flew away with NO-DOZE a caffeine pill that makes you eyes pop out your head. lol

      I guess been there done that, now I am high on life.


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Some people need an upper to get up, some need a downer to get dowm, some need alcohol to think they are having fun...Me, i need a good ole cup of coffee and i'm good to go.LOL Another good one Sky..

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks V. thanks for reading and your always great comments . Hope you are also writing and having a beautiful day.

      I am truly glad you enjoyed and and found it interesting. I will try to keep then that way .

      Stay smiling and true.


    • profile image

      V Qisya 6 years ago

      This is really good, Sky. I enjoyed reading it. Very interesting. Thumbs up! Have a nice day!

      Best Wishes, V

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you My brethren , thank you very much , I feel your voice in there .

      It a tempting piece that tried to carry me into the detailed depths of things I know . Things like how some people act before and after they have their coffee. Two different individuals. Before and after a few shots , but I also know plenty of people who are just themselves, wake early or late it don't matter, and I know those

      "Like myself" proudly , who sets out each day knowing that the Most High God through my conscience is watching, and as a man soweth , so shall he reap.

      Galatians 6:7


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      Sky this was a very well written Hub and I like the phrase the present future.. stands out and carries your entire body of work up and awesome my friend :)


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