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The Princess

Updated on August 14, 2013
5 out of 5 stars from 7 ratings of The Princess Short Story

Once upon a time, a princess carved a heart into her hip. She had no one to fill it so she took a knife and coloured in the heart. She felt no satisfaction so she kept colouring in the same spot. It was so mutilated, it looked as if it was a burn mark. She felt ashamed that the only way to fill her heart was if she did it herself, so she lathered ink on the wound to say it was just a tattoo. No one believed it was real, but no one realized the damage. The ink eventually washed away and her nurse saw the wound. The nurse yelled at her and called her stupid. The princess' flaws were always pointed out in public by her own nurse. She used to be open with the nurse, and now they are closed off. This princess went on hurting herself, though trying to love herself, because the ones meant to love her, only hurt her.

"It's just a tattoo" she said..

It's just a tattoo.

Smile Little Princess Song

Smile Little Princess is a beautiful song contributed from an American rapper, MikelWJ for this hub post. I see this song like a reply to my story (although the creation of my story and his song have nothing to do with each other).


Smile little princess, things get better/ And if you don't trust me, just look at the weather/ It's better in summer, than in winter/ Smile little princess, you've seen darker/ Everyone knows that they set the marker down/ Higher, than they should have been/ And I'm here to fix it all now/

I find it shocking just how this song fits in my story. The character in my story is searching for a reason to smile and continue on in life. All we really want in the end is happiness, love, and to be understood. In this song, MikelWJ perfectly tells his audience to smile, expectations are always higher than they should be, and things might be rough but things get better at some point. "Princess" is quite a word now.


"Treat her like a princess"

"You're my princess"

"She's such a princess"

The word "princess" is thrown around more than ever, but have yet to lost its meaning. I find this word so enchanting. Not sure if it's biased since I'm a girl, but I know the reason it attracts me now, more than ever before, is because it's used on the daily, and still has a strong meaning and effect on people. Being called a princess is so uplifting. Everyone is princess. Everyone is a prince. Everyone is a hero. In some way, it's true. Maybe that's why the term can stand strong, even with it being thrown around. Princess is royalty and clearly an important person. I am assuming people calling each other "princess" is basically trying to remind each other that they are important. Everyone is important and have a purpose in life. One life effects another as we are linked together as one.

© 2013 Dancia Susilo


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    • profile image

      Kira 4 years ago

      Make longer stories. I like this

    • profile image

      Hilary 4 years ago

      Nice song and nice story :3