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The Quiet Empty Room

Updated on May 21, 2010

This quiet room looks at me

As if to see the self of me and thee

And place upon the me of self

Those eyes that notice all the others

Who seek to see but do not see

The realms of those of who see

And when the notice comes from thee

We see the others as they see me

Lost and lost yet seeking sight

From those around the room

Which call for all the tasks of noise

The words of quite rooms speaking still

Yet more the sounds to make

And look around about to hear the din

Of desperation's final call

That fall and falls around and round

The quiet empty room of them

And masks the thoughts and fears of all

To list the ebb and flow of life

That stays the course within

By those beguiled of stuff forlorn

Preserved and wanted still the more

To hide there in the room

The quiet, empty, empty room.


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