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The Wonderful World Of Your Imagination

Updated on June 8, 2015


To spin some words from the mind.
Opening up a world of imagination.
All it takes is an idea,
To explore many destinations.

When you become a Captain of a boat,
You will try to stay afloat,
You will glide around the iceberg in the sea.
It is also fun when you decide to be,
A Knight hidden by a cloak,
When you ride over the mote,
That surround’s a castle which,
Was made by your imagination!

So come in! – Come in!
You will now begin to defy explanation.
All the places in which you will explore,
In that colorful world of exploration!
The only thing which can be asked,
Did you now begin to see?
There are so many cool things that can be.

When opening your mind,
You can begin stepping inside,
Stroll through your imagination.
It is easy to find yourself in many different worlds.
You will begin to realize –
Even you can have a true destination!

You can be a magic man,
A leader of a loud Rock Band.
A King or Queen of all the chocolate covered land.


Never limit yourself!
Keep the path long and wide!
Trust yourself –
Never keep that gift locked inside!

Opening the heart helps you truly love,
All that is good and righteous.
Always keep in mind of yourself –
That Love is contiguous!

Allow the face to smile,
Stay awhile.
You will realize what truly is worthwhile.
As you gather around you will then see,
All the cool things that did come to be.
The mind is now open!
You made limitless that imagination.
The simple question is –
Did you stay true to your destination?

© 2013 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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