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The Copper Scroll Novel Review

Updated on September 4, 2006

Book cover

My review of The Copper Scroll Novel

The Copper Scroll is Joel Rosenberg’s 4th novel that follows the timeline of terrorism, the war in Iraq, the conflict in the Middle East, and now a lost biblical treasure that relates directly to the prophecies of the Apocalypse. The Copper Scroll takes place after the Ezekiel Option Novel where the Middle East and Russia have been pretty much destroyed by the firestorm (not going to tell you what it is because it’s in the book and you should read it) and now a group of people are after the treasure that the Copper Scroll tells about which is supposed to bring about the coming of the Messiah and the end of days.

For those of you who don’t know, the Copper Scroll is actually real. It was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1956, which are scrolls written way back in the day when the bible stories were going on. They talk about a lot of stuff that didn’t make the Bible but are very interesting. The Copper Scroll stands out though because well….it was Copper and not made of the cloth material that the others were. It also talks about a long lost treasure that was hidden away and also holds the Ark. It was told to be worth Billions of Dollars, but if it is real, it really is priceless because of it’s historical and biblical importance. So that is what the Copper Scroll really tells about, and the scroll itself is real. Nobody knows for sure if the treasure is real, but the novel takes place as though it does exist.

The interesting thing about all of Rosenberg’s books as that there is some fact in the book and he just goes on with it. The beginning of Rosenberg’s first novel The Last Jihad puts you in the cockpit of a Jet taken over by terrorist doing a kamikaze run towards an American city 9 months before 9/11. The book then goes into a conflict with Iraq over WMDs five months before the war in Iraq began.

The 2nd book, The Last Days, starts with an attack on a U.S. diplomatic convoy heading into Gaza, the death of Yasser Arafat, and radical Islamic terrorists trying to take over the West Bank and Gaza. Two weeks before the book hit stands, a U.S. convoy was attacked in Gaza, and then 13 months later Yasser Arafat dies and Hamas then takes control of the West Bank and Gaza.

The 3rd novel, The Ezekiel Option, tells about a dictator rises to power in Russia, an Iranian leader vows to annihilate Israel, and Russia and Iran form an unprecedented military alliance. On the day that the novel came out, Iran elected their new president who as we know wants to build up the nuclear program, and four months later he vowed to “wipe Israel off the earth,” two months later, Russia sells Iran $1 billion worth of jets, missiles, and warships to Iran.

So as you can see, it’s pretty crazy and interesting how his novel reflect the real world events as they happen and sometimes even seeming to predict what happens. Who knows what the Copper Scroll novel can predict but it defiantly makes you wonder.

In the end, the Copper Scroll is a must read, it has assassination, conspiracy, action, mystery, deception, suspense, love, hate, politics, and faith. I hate reading, and honestly I was hooked on this book, I read a chapter or two when I was sitting on the john. A chapter or two at night, then any downtime I had I read it and was pissed whenever I had to take a break. My only thing is that I wish it was longer, it took me probably about a week to read it but if I wanted to I could have got though it in a few days easily. Someone who sits around and reads all day could get it done in a day or two. It defiantly leaves you wanting more and the next novel will be sure to cause a stir. The last line in the book is something that I could see very well happening and would be a huge American event and would send shockwaves through the world. No butts about it READ THIS BOOK.

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