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The Man Behind the Mask

Updated on July 26, 2009

True Identity Revealed


Look into the mirror and behold the Mask; its haunting face seems so familiar and yet so strange, as if you don’t know the face that stares back at you. You lose yourself in its gaze, the gaze of someone who longs to know their identity but is beyond their grasp. The Mask is so mysterious that not even the wisest of the wise can crack the code and reveal the True Identity. Some have come close but realize they are still too far from discovery. Some merely wait for time to corrode the Mask but realize time has corroded them.

But yet there is One who knows the True Identity, One who has seen the Face behind the Mask. And yet most do not ask the One, who knows all, to reveal the True Identity. Nevertheless, there are a select few who go on the journey to seek out the One who knows. These daring few make the journey and pay the price to know the One. And they also know and come to the realization that the One is more familiar and personal than they first thought and realized.

You see the One is also known as Father, and those select few have found the knowledge that they have a divine heritage – A Noble Birthright. The knowledge that they are literally His Sons and Daughters, then they themselves remember Who they are and they themselves take off the Mask and reveal the True Identity – A Child of God.

Through this journey we come to know our Father and who He really is. We come to know that we have Divine gifts and attributes and through this journey the Mask is taken off and we come to know the Man or Woman behind the Mask and the True Identity is revealed, and then we can begin to reach our High and Divine potential- to return to our Father by completing our journey which some call Life.

© 2009 RichardBBenson


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      casey 6 years ago

      Our divine husband