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The Moment (poem)

Updated on December 7, 2013

I touched upon a moment gone astray

What did I kiss is very hard to say

Some lost forbidden from a yesterday

A path uncertain meaning and decay


What started off as dreams of far away

And fields of flowers in their full array

As heaven put its finest on display

When something tore this fairy tale apart


At first I took no notice of display

It’s just a fancy having its own way

I didn’t sense the things about to start

I paid no heed to dark approaching clouds


I didn’t know why my heart yearned to stay

As a the storm rolled in

From some distant mountains

Bringing bitter rains


Where was the sunshine of moment ago

Astray decay I say to the oncoming flood

Which drowns me in confusion

Why am I still smiling


And as sudden as it came it was gone

Forgotten reasons

Forgotten seasons


All it left me was this

A thank you and a kiss


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Quite a legacy, I dare say.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Beautiful. So many decisions to make and we hope we made the right one at the moment.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and beautiful. Lovely poem and pearling.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 4 years ago from Hawaii

      Amazingly beautiful, Martin.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 4 years ago

      Beautiful poem!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      So beautiful and the video is perfect for this piece...Loved it..

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      A lovely poem, Martin.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very lovely Martin!

    • profile image

      DJ Anderson 4 years ago

      Beautiful poem, Martin.

      Dreams of yesteryears come back to make us question decisions

      made. The haunting truth is that we will never know.