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The Unfamiliar Pair (poem)

Updated on June 4, 2016

Into our world two children borne

Between the two our world is torn

With one we laugh the other mourn

There is the joy here is the scorn


Must sit in wonder of these two

Believing what they say is true

When there they are to plainly view

What taught these children what to do


For some a life with hope to share

While others feed off shear despair

Why one is clothed another bare

Prowl through our home this haunting pair


At what point was so vaguely shown

How one uplifts the other prone

To never find neither alone

Are these the seeds so carefully sown


Which to bless which to forlorn

What struck such clarity askew

Entrusted to these hands for care

Till one day world once ours they’ll own.


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