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The Whisper In The Breeze (poem)

Updated on December 26, 2012

A quiet night a whisper in the breeze

A scent of sorrow never felt before

An emptiness had opened up a door

And all at once my reason it did seize


A voice a song from somewhere in my past

A melancholy muse upon my soul

Implored my heart to help it pay some toll

For some unspoken woe which it amassed


It weaved a tale of all which love can be

The waves of Joy which masked its morning dew

For lovers two its heart could not be true

Its other Joys must bear its misery


My heart took in its sadness and its pain

As clouds appeared to cover up my fears

Was this the voice I hadn’t heard in years

Which whispers in the night amid the rain


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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Mysterious with a bit of melancholy. Love the "Mon Amour" video, hmmm, who is it by? Or is it one you made? Anyway, love it. Actually could understand most of it.

      Voted up +++ and sharing

      God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 4 years ago

      Very sweet and romantic with a sort of sadness. Great job Martin. Thank you.

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 4 years ago

      very beautiful and romantic music.

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 4 years ago

      You switch gears smoothly and easily, M! This was deep with sadness, memories, and maybe a touch of regret..

      beautiful - sharing forward..take good care, my friend..

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 4 years ago from Central Florida

      Wow, that was really deep!

    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 4 years ago from Las Vegas

      Hey Mad hatter! Pinned and facebooked! You are too cool, this is such a beautiful and romantic poem, you handle this genre so incredibly well!

    • profile image

      Janhorner 4 years ago

      This is pure beauty, voted up, amazing poetry.


    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 4 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      Excellent poetry as usual, God bless and a very happy and blessed new year.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Thoughts can easily be conjured up by something that triggers them. A great piece!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Awesomely lovely and romantic.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Loved it Martin. Is the picture Victor Mature?

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 4 years ago from Great Britain

      Absolutely beautiful. Loved the flow of each verse.

    • lilyfly profile image

      Lillian K. Staats 4 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

      This surprising, tender, immediate, real, a really good job! Great stuff Mad, this is what Ima lookin fer! heeh hee! Love yaz, lily

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Thanks for sharing such good poetry

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Hi Martin.

      Wonderful poem.

      The photo takes me back a few years and the lovely video to go with it.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • profile image

      Dr Cil 4 years ago

      Very touching, MHatter!

    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 4 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Amazingly edgy with a very nice flow. I really loved this one. Thanks for sharing. Votes up and sharing too.

    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 4 years ago from Central Virginia

      Beautiful MH. Oddly sad but hopeful too. Beautiful phrasing.