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Theories About Shadow People

Updated on March 1, 2012

We see them zipping by out of the corner of our eyes. Sometimes our cameras are able to catch their image in a photograph. They are dark, and look sinister, but what are Shadow People, really?

In the movie Ghost, Hollywood depicted shadow people as dark entities coming from hell to take the spirits of the evil doers back to hell with them. That’s what the viewers assume, anyway because they came up from the ground and dragged the depraved souls back into it, fighting and screaming all the while. So are shadow people some sort of demons? I guess that’s one theory, but certainly not the only one.

Another is that they are spirits who haven’t ascended to heaven yet. They are dark because they haven’t been to the light.

Some believe that shadow people are actually shadows of ourselves performing Astral travel (out-of-body experience) while in meditation or while asleep. If this were the case, why are they often seen in places that are reportedly haunted?

Could they be shadows of living beings who actually reside in another dimension, or string? Quantum physicists are telling us that the Universe is made up of many stings or dimensions where we all live different lives at the same time. Could shadow people be smoky images of people residing in some other dimension? Perhaps due to atmospheric conditions or other unknown circumstances we are allowed to view them briefly.

They could be time travelers and because they are not from our present time frame, they are seen only as dark shadows. Since time is something that is relative to our existence on Earth and not something that actually exists, it’s possible that if one traveled through time they could not be seen in any other form but a shadow, since in their world they haven’t been born yet, or are long gone, depending upon which direction the time traveler is traveling.

Another theory is that they might be aliens from another solar system. This thought is supported by the fact that many alien abductees report that the aliens who took them seemed to be able to get into secured areas without damage being found on locked doors or windows. This would indicate that these aliens might be inter-dimensional beings. This could very well be the case, as we are just discovering the multidimensional properties of the Universe. If these aliens are advanced enough to travel to far planets, then it would make sense to believe that they have found a way to travel inter-dimensionally. Wow, that’s a great deal to think about!

The point is, no one knows for sure what shadow people are. We know we have photographed them often enough to believe they exist, however we don’t know enough about them to study them in great detail, so for now, we are stuck with theories. Pick one that works for you.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Man I almost experience these things every night, and they are always differet looking. Some have hoods, some have cloaks, some are complete dark outlines of humans, some are tiny looking dark disfigured looking humanoids. I have ever been smacked physically on the back of my head by something in the middle of a field. I have also seen a blueish thing hover towards my couch with ant shaped blue eyes and wings. Who knows?

    • Christine B. profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine B. 

      5 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      ANYTHING is possible... :o) Just sayin'

    • extranotes profile image


      5 years ago from New York

      Or could they possibly be a problem with our eyes... or worse, our psychology (paranoia will annoy ya). Just sayin'.


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