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Theory of a Ghost: Part 2

Updated on August 7, 2017

Here I was again. A floating consciousness in the great expanse of space. Tied to the fabric of the universe, breathing in unison with the whole of space, feeling the fold and expansion through all points of gravitational mass; we were one. What was it Lucian said? Or rather I had said? "I know the answers." What answers were those? For a moment of death, my old life and what I was now had become synchronized. Our memories and thoughts were shared in that temporal connection. At that moment we were two separate entities and we became joined. I now had the knowledge and will of my old life. However, I was no longer Lucian. I was now a new entity without a name. I am simply I. No more, no less. It seemed unnecessary to have a name with no one to call me by it. The answers were simple. I was what was to become of him and he was once me. His answers were the outcome of death.

I knew once our souls had become bound and reunited, his thoughts would dwell on Kari-Ann. I focused my energy back to the time of death to observe and be by the side of Kari-Ann. The flat line of the heart monitor rang through my essence once more as I observed Kari-Ann in tears. With a fade I moved through time to Lucian's funeral. The funeral had a small but supportive turn out; although Kari-Ann's emotional state left her void of that support. As the days drew on, Kari-Ann became empty, no longer connected to the friends and family she had left. The more time that passed the colder she became. I observed her in all the days following my death. The time moved swiftly as days became weeks and weeks became months. In this time I tried to materialize and communicate to her with failure. In my attempts to bend living physics to connect to Kari-Ann I discovered I could create phantom materialization's. Unfortunately this discovery was useless to helping her. Then one day for seemingly no reason she began to go on walks. She would walk from our old peaceful neighborhood, to an old woodland trail. The trail had a bridge over a large creek that led to a beautiful field. She would always stop at the middle of the bridge and stare down the creek. After that, she would glance to the clearing of the field and go home. On one of her trips she went to the bridge as per usual, however this time she stood atop the railing of the bridge as though she were going to jump. Instead she passed out and fell back on to the bridge. When she passed out I caught a glimpse of her ghost as it instead of falling back with her, fell forward. I vanished to teleport and successfully caught her ghost. We then floated slightly above the creek water in an embrace and I felt my energy tether to her. Her ghost and I proceeded to float down the creek and into the air. Our thoughts temporarily synchronized and her ghost recognized my energy as Lucian's. We danced together beautifully for a moment in the sky until her ghost faded from my arms and back into her body. Once she awoke she picked her self up and got her wits about her. She stared for a moment down the creek and into the sky above. I watched as a tear began to roll down her cheek and she began to smile. She then wiped the tear from her cheek and looked down toward the clearing to the field. She proceeded to walk to the field where she sat down cross legged, and stared at the sky. I watched her as she sat for a while periodically crying and smiling. This was the first moment since the day of death that she looked happy.

Kari-Ann spent the rest of the day in that field. Every now and again throughout that day, she would get up to dance and then lay back down and stare at the sky saying, "We will dance again." That evening she walked home cleaned up the little mess she accumulated during her depression and went to bed. The next day, she woke up behaving like her usual self. She even called an old friend out for lunch. She explained to her friend, and later everyone else close to her, that she had a dream or vision that when she dies she will be with Lucian, and they will dance in heaven. Kari-Ann lived the rest of her life believing this and I got to enjoy watching the rest of her life pass by happily. As time moved on she aged beautifully to the age of 83. The night she died was like any other night. She laid down for bed and during her sleep she smiled and took her last breath. At that moment I saw her soul leave her body and her ghost saw mine. I reached out to take her hand and bring her with me to the heavens to dance with her. Just as our hands touched she vanished in front of my eyes. Her room began to fade and I felt her soul drifting away. I panicked and tried to maintain focus on the strings of her energy as to follow her spirit. Holding on tight to the last fabric of energy I could feel of hers, I felt myself being pulled rapidly through several cores of space time. Then it all ended; I could no longer feel her energy anymore. It seemed as if that energy had transformed. I was now in an old castle watching a ball. At the center of the dance floor was a young girl possibly a teenager with a similar glow and energy as Kari-Ann's. This girl was dancing merrily with an older gentleman, who I later discovered was her father. I rapidly followed the flow of this new energy back and forth through this timeline to discover this was a whole new life, set on earth in the 1300's. The highest peaks of all her energy were points in time in which she was dancing. Viewing this reality I made the greatest discovery of my new existence. In death, humans reincarnate. As this new information set in I thought to myself, I can find Sophia!


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