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'There Is a Monster' By Dr. Jekyll

Updated on December 12, 2015

There is a monster that has a hold on me, and he will never relinquish his grasp.

Since that fateful night I mistakenly concocted the formula that unknowingly brought him to life, he had never left me. He comes and goes periodically and is no less than one half of who I am. He is constantly in the far corner of my mind, begging to be let out of his cage. Only when he can no longer be restrained by my efforts, can he be given the free reign of his existence.

At first, when he was new to me, I despised his being, appalled at the things he was capable of, worried about what he might do. As time went on, I finally accepted his unbreakable bond with me, as impossible to remove as my memories. I succumbed to his constant gnawing at my thoughts, his pulsating essence that I am never without.

Admittedly, my familiarity with him becomes stronger each time he takes hold of my life. I don’t fear him, or fear for my own safety, although part of me feels I should. I know what he is capable of; the greatest crime of his doing has resulted in the death of a poor girl. No one in town has any idea who is to blame, or how a killer could just disappear. He is a constant in my life; he is always there, and I am never alone.

As unbearable as his consistency seemed to me at first, his companionship has been turned to an addictive comfort; I don’t know what I would do if the clawing at my mind suddenly stopped. In truth, I have the complete ability to stop his incessant interruptions. I must simply create a poison and administer it to separate us. The only problem is, I don’t know who should drink it, him or me. He is nagging at me now, he wants out of the box, which is my mind. I must yield to him; he has to escape tonight.


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