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There Once Was A Dog

Updated on January 25, 2015
This is a picture of our dog Charley. He's not neglected. :)
This is a picture of our dog Charley. He's not neglected. :)

There once was a dog who was born into a society of mass communication. Where everyone knew, or tried to find out, what everyone else was doing. He found it strange that his owner wouldn't pet him anymore. But at least he had room and shelter. He was there to play at any moment, but there was always something in his owners' hand. No leash, no treats, but that dang glowing device.

The dog had come to realize that the only thing that made his owner panic was losing that attention thief. He started to feel unwanted and unneeded. In the old days, he can run into the room and the owner would greet him with a big hug. Now, it's a quick nod, and a little treat, and back to zooming in on that horrible machine.

But then came an idea. Maybe he would attempt a "break out". Perhaps after losing a trusted friend, the owner would see how wrong they were being and change. So one night, just after dusk, the dog slipped through the gate, and took off down the street. He had no intention of going too far. But the owner didn't follow. That dreadful thing was in their hand, and they didn't look up to see the sprint!

The dog made its way back, just before the owner was ready to go back inside. The dog was crushed. "I could leave, without any worry from my owner? What happened to being man's best friend?" Those days seemed in the past, until.

One day, after returning home from work, the owner noticed that the dog did not come to the door to greet. Instead, the dog was curled up next to the phone charger. Knowing full well the new routine that the owner held true to for the past few months. Throughout the evening the dog made sure that the owner's leash was its leash.

The dog knew that the only way to get affection was to steal it. Just take it back. Away from the item that could do so much more than bark and fetch. The thing that has become a quasi servant. You can just tell it to "Fetch me the Preamble of the Constitution, and while you're there, get me the latest funny cat videos! Ha Ha Ha, I am the master!"

But the dog knew that it had one thing that the gadget did not, a heart. And, after a few days, the owner finally looked up from the glowing light from under their chin. They found that they were able to see it too. In the eyes, ears, and tail. "Just wants some attention", the owner smiled. There once was a dog who was loved again.


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