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There Once Was A Man

Updated on October 26, 2010

There once was a man from the UK
Who thought I was more than OK
His eyes shined bright
Even in the night
Because of his love for me.

He became to be my all
Just to hear him call
Made my heart leap
My heart for him to keep
Forever and a day to be.

I am sentimental, it's true
And when we don't talk, I'm blue
He has embedded himself in my soul
Where there once was just a hole
And will be again if he goes away.

Sometimes I wonder if he's tired of me
Being the way I am you see
I feel like I push too hard
And my heart will break into tiny shards
I would like that for the rest of my day.

If I could know what the future holds
Will it crumble, or be like gold
Only if he wants me, time will tell
And if it's so, it would be so swell.
My love to have and always to hold.


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