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There, Where I Found You.

Updated on July 22, 2010

There, Where I found you.

There, Where I Found You:

Long ago in a time and place long forgotten by the people of the world today, there were two lonely souls, an entire world apart. Going their whole lives and not knowing the other was out there searching for the same thing. They would spend many hours searching themselves and the world every day, but had no clue as to what they wanted to find or why; but Allah told their hearts they would know it when it was found.

 So our young man in this story we will call him Adam, set out on a journey, to where he did not know; but his heart told him to travel and to search for this gift that Allah had promised him. His journeys took him far and to strange places that Adam could never have imagined.

As he slowly made his journey to the east, he would meet strange and new people, and have many adventures, but no adventure would prepare him for the adventure he would take when he arrived at his destination. He would meet many wise men along his way that would teach him how to search his soul, and how to ask Allah for guidance. And they would accompany him for short distances on his journey.

Also Adam would face many challenges and hardships; He was tempted by the evils of the world, by wayward women and by drink; but Adam would keep his strength about, and did not stray from the pat that Allah had sent him on. He would also be tempted to join thieves in their crimes, and by men claiming to be religious but only wanting to spread hate and harm, but Adam would not be swayed.

Then one day Adam came to a new country one he had never heard of or even dreamed it was a beautiful land, though it was hot and humid. The forests were lush and green, and the people were nice, though they spoke a language unfamiliar to him something told him this is where he was to end his journey, and ultimately his search. Though he still had no idea for what he was searching or where to find it.

Our girl we will call her Heba. Something inside her was telling her that her gift was near. And that she too was to search for this great thing that Allah had promised to her. Though she too had no idea what it was or where to look or when it may come, only that it was close. So she went about her day as normal.

She was on her way into town to do some errands at the market; the she would return home and go to the river to fetch water for the day, and to wash the linen. She loved the river very much, it was peaceful there, and always so calm. The sounds of the forest and the peace of Allah’s creation was undisturbed by man there. The colorful songbirds were many there, and their songs of love and happiness echoed for eternity through this forest. The wild flowers there danced in the winds of time, and the grass was soft on her feet, and sweet to smell. The sky was always a perfect hue of blue, and the sun never shone too hard here. The centuries old trees offered a cooling shade that Heba could spend hours and hours in.

On the days she had no chores she would come here, and spend much time writing about her heart and the beauty of such a place. She would sometimes sketch the beauty of the songbirds and animals that would frequent the river for water. Heba would dream that a man would come to take her hand, in a place such as this, and that he would love and cherish her for eternity.

She was a beautiful woman, with a sweet voice, and soft dark hair, many men in her village sought her hand in marriage, but something told her, that these men were not for her. They were good men, and could provide well for a wife and children, but something was missing.

 Adam in the mean time, knowing this was the place he was to search began to seek a place to stay; and employment to sustain him for his stay, and replenish the money he spent in his journey, helping the hungry and clothing the cold. Adam had a kind heart and didn’t care for money, and gave freely to those in need. He found a small boarding house to stay in for a short time until he could find a more suitable house and a job to pay for it.

At the boarding house he also found a job to last him until he could find something more suitable. In the following week he would visit the schools and offer to teach his language to the people there.

The job he found at the boarding house was as a handy man, fixing up the place, and they let him stay for free and fed him, but they also paid him a modest pay for the work. Adam had a free day, and decided he would walk down to the river and enjoy the beauty of this strange land.

As he was walking the river he found a trail that didn’t appear to be used by many people, and decided to follow it. As he eased down the trail he began to hear singing. So Adam started to move slowly to see if he could find the singing without startling the person; making the beautiful harmony, singing in tune with the songbirds. He came to a small brush and hid behind it.

 Not far from the river’s edge, he stopped there for a moment and just listened. As Adam began to peek over the brush pile a lovely woman came into his sight, and his heart skipped a beat. He was memorized by her beauty and instantly he knew that this was what he was searching for.

His heart began to thunder, and he became lightheaded and the world was spinning from this feeling, so strong and new to Adam. He stumbled in the brush and made a loud noise.

Heba was startled by this and saw the man and screamed.  Adam in turn was startled by this and ran away.

Heba afraid that someone may hurt her did not return to the river for some time. She did not yet know who this man was.

Adam would return to the river every day after his chores for weeks and the woman was not there. He guessed that he startled her so much she would not return.

 The next day he was very distressed by his actions and was not focused on his work while doing his chores at the boarding house, he was patching the roof this day. And his mind was full of images of the beautiful woman he had seen in this foreign land. And he was day dreaming when he was walking back to the ladder to come down for lunch and slipped. The boarding house was 3 stories, it was very high, and so it could hold many tenants.

 When Adam fell he landed in the shrubs, and hit his head on the porch during his fall and was hurt very badly. He did not know at the time but he broke his left leg and arm 2 ribs and fractured his skull. He was out for several days.

When he woke, his eyes were very blurry. He could not make out any details, but he knew he was in the town’s medical clinic, and that there was someone in the room with him. Slowly he vision came back to him, and he saw that this was the woman from the river. But she had yet to see him as his face was badly scratched from the shrubs and his head being fractured was wrapped up, and she was not there when Adam was brought in.

Adam tried to speak and found that he couldn’t.  For some time, he was in this bed and unable to speak. Everyday Heba would return to clean his room and read to him, so that he was not stuck alone in the strange land with no one but himself.

After about a month, Adam began to regain his speech, so for the next month while he was still in bandages and bed ridden when, Heba would come to read to him they would talk for hours. And Heba knew there was something special about this man. Adam feared that she would not like him because his face would be scared and it would take some time yet for him to get well.

Still daily she would come and they would laugh, and smile together, building an endless bond, and the two feel in love with one another; but would not let the other know.

Finally came the day for Adams bandages on his face and head to come off. Slowly the doctor Heba's, father and her sister training to become one also, removed the bandages.

 As Heba watched this young man come out of his bandages, seeing the man she loved so dearly for the first time. She was so moved by his beauty that she could not handle it and ran out of the room crying.

She knew instantly this was who Allah had her looking for, so distraught by this action from her, Adams heart shattered, and he wept. The doctor asked him what, was the matter, and told him that it was not that bad; he had healed much better than ever expected. And that the scars may dissolve completely in about a year’s time.

The shock to Heba was so great it took her a few days to get over. In this time Adam had been released, and he went back to the boarding house not knowing what had happened; and why Heba had acted this way.

His heart was destroyed, this what he had searched for so long and because he was carless he ruined it, or this was his fear.

Heba, realizing what she must have done to him, began searching the town for him. For hours she had not meet one person that knew him or where he stayed.

Just as she was about to give up she heard a husband and wife telling a store owner at the market, that there handyman had been badly injured and that he had just come home but was unable to perform his work anymore. But they felt pity for him and said they would let him stay for free until the new semester started at the school where he had gotten a job teaching his language to the people there. As Heba heard this her heart began to fill with hope.

And she asked them what the man’s name was, and they replied Adam. They knew her as the daughter of the doctor, and asked if she had a note for the doctor. She replied no, but told them the story, of her love for him. And how she read to him when he could not talk, and how when he could they would laugh and talk for hours. And that she had fallen in love with him never having seen his face. So moved where this husband and wife that they invited her for dinner, and would surprise Adam with this.

They told her to come to their house at 7that night and they would have a special dinner for her and Adam and that they would join them. So when they got home they told Adam to get cleaned and to wear something nice. That they would make a special dinner for him for the work he had done and to show there thanks to him for the work he did, and to be down at 7 sharp.

So Adam did as he was told, a loner at heart he had taken to like this man and his loving wife, and respected them very much. They had also taught him there language during his stay with them.

Heba arrived at the door of the boarding house and knocked, wondering who would come at such an hour Adam rose to answer the door. But Amhed the man of the house stopped him, and said you sit I will get the door while my wife brings the food out.

 Amhed opened the door and whispered to Heba to be quiet that this was a surprise for Adam and he didn’t know she was coming. Adam sat at the table his back to the door, as Heba and Amhed walked in; Yasmen coming from the kitchen stopped before she reached the table with the food in her hand, and announced Heba you are so lovely tonight.

Adam not sure if he had heard her right was stunned into a solid stillness, and could not move or breathe for a moment. He slowly turned to look and saw the love of his life, the Gift Allah had promised him standing in the door way, so beautiful was she, and Adam was stunned into silence, and shuddered out a feeble hello.

                Finally have found each other. They enjoyed such a lovely meal together made by the older couple, they had left the two alone to eat together and talk. That night Adam told Heba he was the man at the river that day and how he was sorry to scare her and how he went back every day searching for her. She laughed about it, and they confessed there love to one another.

The next day Adam when to her family and asked for her hand in marriage, and Heba's father gave them his blessings.  And being so happy about the first place they had seen each other, Adam bought that place one the river Heba loved so much, from a local farmer, and he built there house there as testament to their love, to live in the place he first laid eyes on this lovely woman.

 They had one child, a son named Yusef. And they adopted many children though out there life. Many of these children came to see them as their parents and loved them very much. They treated these children as their own. And grew very old together, and with each year their love for one another grew endlessly. They started a Muslim charity in their name when they passed, a fund to help orphans find homes with loving families.



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    • pintails7886 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Memphis TN

      Thank Micky,I do enjoy writing fiction it is so much less stressful. And you can make what ever truths you want. Unfortunately we have too many passing fiction off for truth these days, I guess the line between the two is blurred.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Beautiful BrotherMan! You know I love your work! This was pretty! Thank you!

    • gulnazahmad profile image


      8 years ago from Pakistan

      very interesting story, reality and fiction combined in such a beautiful manner:)

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 

      8 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Assalammu alaykum, Brother.

      This story coming right into my heart! ^_^

      Nothing more beautiful than to found each other after passed so many obstacle in life. Trust Allah in everywhere we are and everything we do indeed the key to real happiness in this world.

      Jazzakallah khairan, Brother, for your story. I will wait for another. ;)


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