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There are No bugs In Hell.

Updated on March 7, 2010


There Are No Bugs In Hell...They Are All In Hell Here.


Little known is the fact

that if sin is our choice,
when we die we come back

as a bug with no voice,
daily slapped at and hated

by the humans who find us,
endless reincarnations

when the fly swatters grind us,
as mosquito's and gnats

in huge webs we are caught,
till the spider descends,

suckling us till we're naught,
decorations for windshields,

stomped on by toddlers feet,
we become most despised,

phobias bring defeat,
in a world without love

we become what's most cursed,
Flys who love eat to eat feces,

nothing else could be worse.



The motto of the
common housefly
must surely be
"Eat sh*t and die!"

They start out

as maggots
eating garbage

and road kill
then they

develop wings
but instead

of soaring over
the beauty

of this world
they choose to 

flock to piles

of dog doo doo
and then quite boldly
they go on to pester
the very creatures that can
swat the sh*t out of them.

They have very

short life spans
as it is and most of them
spend a lot of it

mired in feces...
what a sad little

species they are
imagine the residue

they must leave
on the edge of a glass
or the top of a

hamburger bun.

I can remember

once working as
a short-order cook

as a teen
and french flying

potato's in a tiny

hot kitchen
with an open

door for air
that swarmed

with flies,
who every so

often took
a kamikaze dive

bomb into the
fry vat, zap-sizzle

and stick
as tiny parts

of them were
adhered to the

next order
sterile but certainly


Others meet a

common fate

at the hands
of angry souls

who hunt them down
at 3:00 a.m.

in the wee hours
when the infernal buzzing
keeps them

awake and vengeful.

Imagine the

horror of multi-faceted
eyes watching

the rectangle net
whiz down to

suck them under
and make mince of them.

I saw one in

my window today
lying on its back
stuck between the window
and the insulating plastic
he must have spent hours
buzzing around that space
with no way out because his
pinhead brain could not find
where he came in
and the irony of it all
was that this window was
next to a commode
where he had to watch
so many delicious tidbits
get flushed while he starved
but he has the dis-stink-tion
of being one of the few flys
who failed to live

up to it's motto
"Eat sh*t and die."








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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Truly remarkable. I imagined this to be a metaphor for politicians and to me - it is! Thanks!