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There is a way

Updated on May 29, 2011

So many of us have been searching for our real potentials in life,we sometimes find ourselves in the wrong field and try to change what we do but the problem remains that all we do becomes fruitless and this leaves us in a dismayed situation where self pity becomes our companion but the good news today is that we can get the change we need if we actually ask him for a change.

Of course, things seems not forth coming as anticipated but look at what you have to do...

Never give up.

Even if there is only one option

And it is not forth coming

Stand on the platform of hope

Simply focus on one direction

Which seems to have no way

Ignore the stones along the path

Do not mind the bushes across

That river is not too deep to swim

There are so many climbing the same moutain

Just when you think that it is all over, he comes around and open the way because there is always a way...

A way to success

A way to victory

A way to happiness

A way to abundance

There is no harm in believing in him because he is able and makes a way where there seems to be none

All you need to do is...

Keep praying and trusting in his unfailing love which never cease and no matter the wave,heat,rain,tears,pain and grief...

No matter the struggle,the ups and downs,battle,sickness,failures,bitterness,turbulence,depression and anxiety

Do not be nervous because there is a way...

Jesus will make a way for you.

Because when one door is closed



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