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There once was a girl named Lili

Updated on January 29, 2011

Funny friends

friends with a sense of humor, but not much other sense...
friends with a sense of humor, but not much other sense... | Source

For a true friend

There once was a girl named, Lili
Who seemed serious but could also be silly
She was very good at her job
She even impressed her friend, Rob
She was bright and talented and skilled
Her new bosses were immediately thrilled
She was offered a promotion right away
Which she accepted although it didn’t pay
What she knew she was really worth
What her mother knew since her birth
Cause there was so much more to Lili
She was kind and caring and pretty
She raised her little brother like a son
She made life more bearable and more fun
She could take away all your pain
She would listen and help you feel sane
Cause she was selfless, compassionate and sincere
And strong enough to live without fear
She could make you feel proud of who you are
And make you believe you’ll go far
So maybe if you’re good and live well
She might just put you under her spell
Then you’d know what I already know
That a real friend can make your heart grow
And be inspired to write this little ditty,
“There once was a girl named, Lili”…


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