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There Was A Wave (poem)

Updated on May 24, 2015

There was a wave

Who was part of the sea like the others

Stroking the sand as waves of its way do


Crystal and clear

Scented in blue

Blessed by the light

Beautiful in its perfection


Yet it wasn’t as grand some others

At least in the ways

So easily swayed


It was never seen dancing with clouds

It didn’t bring hidden treasures from the sea

There were waves which were far clearer

There were better waves to see


Days and nights would pass

As it stroked its endless sand

Retiring to its situation

Lost amid the others


One night at party girl would meet this fellow

They wandered through the sand to feel the sea

Their words the night and suddenly a kiss


At gatherings the family telltale

Of how their blessings started with a kiss

And every version told begins the same

There was a wave


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