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These Are the Reasons I Write

Updated on March 31, 2019
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes articles that are interesting to her readers.

I am a writer. That is my affirmation because I write something every day. I have been writing almost all my life. There is always something inside of me that wants to come out through my writing. At night, I dream about what to write. When I wake up, I put my night time communications from God into an article and submit it through to my writing sites so it can be read and hopefully enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

I thank God every day for my gift to come up with certain words and phrases that make sense when mixed together. Even writers, including me, have been described as eccentric. There are many positive benefits for writing that fall into every area of a writer's life.

Doctor examining a patient
Doctor examining a patient | Source

Physical Benefits

Studies have shown that those who write have a lower risk of getting sick. I can honestly say I have not had many illnesses in my lifetime. When I go to my doctors for regular checkups, doctors and nurses frequently applaud me for not having high blood pressure, allergies, and ailments other people my age suffer from.

I thank God for my health, and I feel good about having to say, "No" to the long list of ailments the nurse asks me if I have had. I know my good health is because of my daily habit of writing.

Mental Benefits

Most writers have a sharp and active mind. They enjoy writing because they enjoy reading. A person who reads can go all over the world and experience everything in life through the pages of a book. It stands to reasons that if a person doesn't read, he has nothing to write about. That's why I keep reading so I can keep writing.

A good writer is also a good listener. He gets his inspirations from listening to what others have to say. A word, a phrase, a sentence, a quote, or an entire conversation can give a good writer something to reflect on and put into his own words. I continue to read. I continue to listen. Therefore, I have lots of things to write about.

People who read and write save a lot of money by not having to take medicine for anxiety or go to a psychiatrist. Instead of having to pay big bucks to a professional, try writing. It is the best free therapy that I know.

Spiritual Benefits

I commune with God through my writing. It amazes me to have one word come into my spirit and I can sit at my computer and begin typing without having to do any research. I put my fingers on the keyword and before I know it, I have written a 1,500-word article that is ready for publication after proofreading and tweaking certain portions of it.

I can feel the Holy Spirit as I write. An added bonus is that I can share what I have written with the world and they can be edified by it. My writings go all over the world. The beauty of it all is that once I public an article, it can be read over and over again because it is evergreen. I have read articles and thought they were very inspiring. They lifted my spirit and after reading them, I see that they were articles I had written years ago that are still available online.

I meet God through my writings. Then I present Him to my readers. Before I got into writing online many years ago, I prayed that God would give me a vehicle to share my writing with the masses. God answered my prayer, and I am keeping my part of the covenant to share my work with people I will never meet until we get to heaven.

Connections through social media
Connections through social media | Source

Social Benefits

Yes, there are millions of people who have read my writings on social media. We have never met and will not meet while we are in our earthen vessels.

Often people write and say how much my writing has helped them get through the day, or it was something they had been pondering about. I know I will be surprised when I see my readers in another life. Until then, we will continue to connect social media.

Economic Benefits

God has blessed me to be able to get paid for writing. However, I would still write if I didn't get paid. In fact, I do submit a free daily inspirational message to subscribers all over the world.

I get paid when people read my articles. My writing site pays a very small amount. Last month, my total was one million page views. I am now working on my second million.

So, yes, there is money in writing. I am not going to lie and say it is easy for everyone. I am gifted to write, and I have a passion for it. Therefore, I almost never get writer's block.

It would be a hard chore for someone who doesn't have the gift and the passion to write. Individuals must be patient because writing can be time-consuming for someone who doesn't know how to write and for someone who doesn't like to write.

I do not consider writing as work because it is true that when you love what you do, you will not work a day in your life.

Writing and posting articles online is like receiving money right out of your computer.
Writing and posting articles online is like receiving money right out of your computer. | Source

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