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These Shoes Do Not Fit

Updated on May 22, 2013

She's wincing at the metal button before her, trying to figure out what direction it will lead her. She gives up and presses it and turns around. The sun shows no mercy to her pale skin as it beats on her dragging her down even more. The shoes she's wearing, cute in concept, with polka dots and a small ribbon below the peep toe. She bends over to lift up the heel strap one last time. The light across the street flickers and she has roughly thirty seconds to make it to the other side. She wastes no time noticing this and quickly walks across as the drivers lined up stare at her. Admittedly she would be staring too if she saw someone like her cross her path.

The orange loose tank makes her look like the skeleton of a pumpkin. Her black spaghetti strap and pants don't help things either. Oh and those shoes.. those shoes don't even matter to her by this point anymore. Shes determined to make it to the other side, limp or no limp.

She's cursing everything. 'I knew I shouldn't have worn this..' looking down into her purse as she rustles the mess of receipts to find a lighter. She puts a cigarette in her mouth and begins to pick up the pace again while lighting it. The strap of her heel falls down again and she stops and lifts it and resumes walking. 'What am I going to do now.." she keeps repeating this to herself knowing there is no real answer. The more she thinks about what had just happened the faster she wants to walk. The faster she walks the more her strap falls down. She looks at the faces of traffic and is hoping one of them is him. 'Fuck well maybe he will see me, this is the way he told me to walk home anyways..'

She is trying her hardest to remain composed. What she could have done flashes through her mind as she tries to zone out from the pain in her heel.

Everything is silent and all she sees are those blue eyes before her. The crows feet draping around them. The wrinkles moving like fluid as the mouth parting them starts to form. The silence is broken with 'I'm sorry' a pause making the last few words deadly' we have to let you go.' She jerks her head to the side quickly snapping back into what is happening. All she did was stare. The warmth consumed her cheeks as she held back tears. "At least I tried.." is all she could get out.

'At least I tried?! What the fuck was that, I fucking did everything they asked of me and I get screwed like that and all I can fucking say is I tried..' She throws the cigarette into the street as she pounds away at the ground.

She looks back into those eyes and can only smile as she wraps her hand around the woman's neck and swiftly slams her face down into the glass table separating them. The woman's long gray hair flies through the air in slow motion as she starts screaming. "Who the fuck do you think I am!?"

A smile almost formed, but then she came back to reality. That is not what happened. What happened was she was fired and all she did was take it like it was okay. 'I'm broke, I'm in Florida, and I just... I.. got fired.. ughh" Her heart is still raging as she keeps walking.

A car passes by and honks and she swirls around to see her boyfriend pull up in a lot behind her. 'Thank fucking god he is here' is all that passes her mind as she looks up at him and slides in. "It's five till, you get off at six, and why are you walking home?" he asks concerned. She's silent as he pulls the car out and starts home. Her window rolls down as another cigarette touches her lips "I was fired.." is all she said. Her boyfriend glances over at her and looks back at the road "why.." She takes a puff and looks at the houses passing by. "I don't know, all I know is these shoes do not fit."


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    • bearnmom profile image

      Laura L Scotty 

      5 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

      You have a way of pulling off your emotions on paper. Keep writing. You are bound to come up with a winner.

    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      Nice story!!!!! The narrative has a lot of colors brought into it and it just ends with a firework explosion. Kinda short though hoping it was a little longer than that. Voted up!!!!!


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