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The Search for Love

Updated on September 28, 2017
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Nestor is a student of university of benin,currently studying industrial chemistry,who believes his love for literary work came from God


Slowly but steadily I searched for it

Could it be in my neighbor's house I asked myself

An hidden treasure I seek,where could it be I blink

Round I search but yet no match

Passed the four cardinal points,yet I couldn't point it out

Does it really exist or i couldn't resist the tales

A search too long yet it was right beside me

My best friend you have been for long

But never a day did you prove me wrong

Difficulties have we face together and yet we still overcame it like a rainy weather

My best friend I never found as a lover

But who am I to choose a place for this loner

Perfect I screamed ,I finally found you

The love I seek I get to keep .


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